Week 4 fantasy: no averages this week

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Well the Gents teams went 2-2 in week 3 so some of my decisions did not really pan out. My problem is getting regular scoring running backs. I know I said last week I would start looking at means (a measure of averages) and I will try a few this week, my main focus will be looking into who to try and pick up as a running back and then a few other picks of the week. I did play Maxx Williams and Justin Forsett as I said I would on Facebook. One paid off, the other not quite as much. I also have a cautionary tale of waiver wire woe.

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The Gridiron Gentlemen Super Fun Prediction League: Week 4

Week 4 is here and we’re in danger of actually getting good at this. This week the lowest score was 10 and the highest was 15 (well done Duncan). As you can see Alex has now joined the party.

Dan: 31-17

James: 28-20

Dylan: 28-20

Simon: 31-17

Duncan: 33-15

Alex: 10-6

Duncan still in the lead after a great week 3. No Dylan this week, I’m afraid, but I’ll get the predictions for the scores. So can we continue this run of good luck this week? Let’s be honest, the answer is probably no…

As always, our locks are in capital letters.

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Episode 96a:
International Series: Jets @ Dolphins

In the runup to this weekend’s shindig at Wembley we’ve been hitting the NFL media events, talking all things International, grabbing a quick interview with Mike Pouncey and to top it all off we’ve got a detailed look at Sunday’s game.


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Episode 96:
The AC/DC Show

As the season rolls on we welcome ESPN injury analyst Stephania Bell to the Gents’ clubhouse, and we bring you a fresh batch of game predictions, your questions, and your five-a-day of spurious rambling.


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NFL Power Rankings: Week 4

It’s Power Rankings time!

This week felt much easier as teams seemed to get into a groove and tended to be a touch more predictable. That being said there is still a few surprises along the way, as well as teams that I’m yet to see prove that they deserve to be higher on the list.

Let’s start with my beloved Chicago Bears.

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NFL Week 3 Re-Watch Review

It’s that time again, it’s the re-watch review. I re-watch every game from this week’s NFL calendar and come up with no more than 3 points that arose from each game. These could be as broad as ‘the defence looked great’ or as in depth as, ‘Alan Ball missed a crucial tackle against Jimmy Graham’, just general information that I find interesting. Let’s start with the Thursday night game, in which we found out a lot about at least one of the teams.

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The Gridiron Gentlemen’s Super Fun Prediction League: Week 3

After a crazy week 2, the Gents tentatively step up to attempt their week 3 predictions. So far it’s been kind of a shambles… Last week only I had 8 correct predictions. Let’s take a look at where that leaves us.

Here’s the current score:

Dan: 17-15

James: 15-17

Dylan: 15-17

Simon: 18-14

Duncan: 18-14

So let’s take a look at what we’ll get wrong in week 3, with Alex joining in the fun. Despite all of our eliminators going horrifically wrong last week, we’ve still decided to carry on. Once again, these are all in Capitals.

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Week 3 Power Rankings

It’s time to make a bold statement with my power rankings. Bad teams have played well. Good teams have played bad. Time to adjust accordingly and give some teams some well deserved credit as well as a wakeup call for some of the bad ones. Let’s start with a team close to my heart.

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Episode 95:
Ground war!

Time for some more predictions as we head in to Week 3 – some wise, some risky, some downright provocative. You have been warned.


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Week 3 Fantasy: The danger of averages

Fantasy NFL

This was started after the Thursday night game, just to keep it as fresh as possible as we look to week 3 and well week 2 was certainly interesting. In all I went 5-1, with the Gents teams going 3-1 again, so not bad really. This week I will again see who is available for no.2/flex positions and maybe share some suggestions on who to start, with a focus on hit and miss QBs. I will also be going into why looking at total scores going into week 3 is dangerous.

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