Three key match-ups in week three’s ‘Game of the Week’

Peyton Manning vs The 12th Man

Redemption is the name of the game this week as Peyton Manning’s Broncos ride into ‘The Clink’ to face a Seattle team who, even after a (somewhat) surprising loss last week at the hands of the San Diego Chargers (with the help of an almost unfathomable temperature), will enter week 3 as clear favourites, though the current spread line of -4.5 will be less of a handicap than we will be likely to see for the rest of their home games this season. The re-match of Super Bowl XLVIII will be filled with key match-ups in every conceivable area, but none will be as paramount as the one between the veteran Denver quarterback, and the Seattle crowd.

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Buccaneers 14 – Falcons 56: Thursday Night Game Review

Thursday night is one-sided performance night! But tonight’s victors were even more dominant than usual on one-sided performance night, so let’s pull this game apart & look at what made the Falcons great & the Buccaneers just awful.

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The Gridiron Gentlemen’s Prediction Club: Week 3

Week 2 brought a level of craziness that only the NFL could muster. As a result the winner of last week’s predictions & as a result a weeks worth of respect was Charlie, with a measly 9. 

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Tailgate Knight’s NFL Spread week 3 Tips

As if the NFL spread wasn’t tricky enough, more and more NFL keep getting suspended and it is throwing a lot of teams off kilter. There were some great games last week and some real surprise results.

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Episode 46:
Don’t you dare call it a game of two halves

Week two has been and gone, and already it seems like the football was never away. We analyse all the week three matchups ahead of this weekend, tackle your questions, and stand by for some amazing #factnuggets from Duncan.


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Dropping like flies: A look at week 3 in Fantasy Land

Fantasy NFL

It is that time again already, for another delving into my strategy for this weeks fantasy football match ups. How was week 2 for you? For me it was a mixed bag, with a win in two leagues and a loss in the other (yes one of those wins was in the League of Gridiron Gentlemen). I apologise if you listened to some of my advice last week and feel you lost out. If you somehow had Jordy Nelson and Aaron Rodgers, then well done, you were laughing all the way. Now I live in Scotland so of course Thursday is an important night, yes that is right, it’s going to rain and so grateful that it’s Thursday night football and Week 3 fantasy line up starts again! More football! Great!

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Post Week 2 Power Rankings

Week 2′s odd results has forced me to treat the Power Rankings like an Etch a Sketch. So I’ve shaken it & we’re starting fresh & this week I’ve got a Gent to help me out. Feel free to send us any thoughts! 

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Week 2: Sunday Games Part 2 + Monday.

I can only apologise for the lateness of this. But better late than never, right?

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Week 2: Sunday Games Part 1.


An unbelievable weekend in the NFL means we can actually focus on the sport. So let’s get to it.

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Steelers 6 – Ravens 26 : Week 2

The Ravens have been in the news for all the wrong reasons this week thanks to the controversy surrounding Ray Rice & the way both the league & the Ravens organisations handled the situation. So with a decent victory it was nice for Ravens fans to have something to cheer about. Let’s look at a few things I noticed.

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