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Pushing a trike through treacle

It’s Week 3 already and we try and shelter Dan from the reality that is the Bears, keep James from getting too carried away with the Broncos, and leave Duncan and Simon wallowing in the reality of the situation. Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Oh Yes! Oh No! What the??? Week 2 Review

Week 2 saw a number of teams show their true colours. The good teams appeared to be very good and the bad teams… well they were awful. So let’s take a look at what stood out for us this week.

Well that went well…

We take a (very brief) look back at Week 1 and our excellent (ahem) predictions before sinking our teeth in to Week 2’s action. We also sit down for a coffee and a chat with NFLUK MD Alistair Kirkwood to talk all things International Series. Subscribe: iTunes | Android |...

Oh Yes! Oh No! What the??? Week 1 Review, So Far

We’re only one game into the season and I’ve already started to forge some opinions, which will no doubt show me to be wrong in a couple of weeks time. The truth is though that there are some aspects of the game I love that leave me scratching my head,...

Tena Ladies and Dried Mango

We made it everyone! Football is BACK!   Time for us to get back in the saddle¬†with our mercilessly inaccurate Week 1 predictions and sheer guesswork as to who wins and who loses.   It’s all a bit much for Simon. Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Closet Packers fans unite!

We have a little fun ahead of the start of the season as we make some rather outrageous #OhISay predictions. Dan also manages to alienate every fan base, one by one. Apart from his beloved Packers. Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Let us be your Fantasy (assistants)

We’ve wrapped up our Top 10s for 2017 and now it’s Draft season for all the Fantasy Football players. We take a look at who we think is, and isn’t, a decent option for you this time around. Take our advice at your peril, our combined record is more Jets...

Top 10: Quarterbacks

It’s time for the big one. We’ve run through our Top 10 rankings position by position, and now it’s the Quarterbacks. Is No.1 a given? Who scrapes in at the bottom? What’s the weather doing in Easdale? All the burning questions, answered. Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Top 10: Cornerbacks

Never backwards in coming forwards, it’s time to look at the breed that is the Cornerback for our penultimate Top 10 list for the 2017 season.   They’d all probably tell you they deserve to be No.1. We break down who we have filling our Top 10. Subscribe: iTunes |...

Top 10: Wide Receivers

We’re back with the Top 10 run downs and it’s the field stretchers this week as we look at our best receiving prospects heading in to 2017.   AJ, OJB, JJ? Who makes the top spot? Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS