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Top 10: Running Backs

Time to look at the offensive powerhouses as our Top 10 lists reach the running backs. Not much controversy here, although there are certainly some good backs who don’t make the cut (see what we did there?) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Top 10: 4-3 LB/3-4 ILB

It’s another Top 10 list and this time we’re looking at defensive generals with the 4-3 linebackers and 3-4 inside linebackers. As James succinctly put it – off the ball LBs.   Some contentious picks in this one! Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

A Tale of Two Seasons: Minnesota Vikings 2017 Preview

Here at the Gents Clubhouse we’re always talking about windows. Not the kind that have been smashed by a wayward cricket ball, but Superbowl windows, of which Minnesota’s was wide open heading into the 2016 Season, so what went wrong?

Top 10: Tight Ends

Get the double-entendres ready as we take a look at our Top 10 Tight Ends headed in to 2017.   Make your own jokes people… Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Top 10: Edge Rushers

For some, this is the big one. We take a look at a long list of edge rushers and whittle it down to our Top 10 headed in to 2017.   Did Duncan remember a certain player called Khalil this year? Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Top 10: Offensive lines

Yes, we get all offensive this week as we move on to the Top 10 offensive lines ahead of the 2017 season.   This one divided opinions at several points! Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Top 10: Defensive line – Interior and 3-4 DE

Yes, it’s that time of year again where we get our Top 10 lists underway and we kick off with our best interior defensive linemen and 3-4 defensive ends heading in to 2017.   Some might be a surprise. Some most definitely won’t be! Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Kickin’ it with Carlson…

We’re joined by the venerable Mike Carlson to take a final look back at this year’s Draft and talk about many other aspects of football, including a rather specific kind of sponsorship appeal from the man himself! Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Making gains: The NFC

Post Free Agency and Draft, some teams have seen their roster change a little, some a lot. As a result there will be teams that improve significantly in 2017 over last year and others who may struggle to repeat their relative success. Dan has already taken a look at the...

Making gains: The AFC

With Free Agency and the Draft now in the books, some teams’ rosters are looking very different to a few months ago. With all the personnel changes (on and off the field for some teams), some will get stronger and some will fall away. Here we take a look at...