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The morning after…

Sleep? Nah, that’s for wimps. The 2022 NFL Draft is in the books (well, the first round anyway) and we run through all the picks from an interesting first round in Las Vegas.

2022 Gents Mock Draft

We’ve been through all position groups and told you what we think of various prospects and how they may fair in the NFL. Now, it’s your turn to tell us who you think teams will be picking, in our annual Mock Draft. This is always one of our favourite pods...

2022 Draft – DI, RB, TE & OL

Well, here we are, the biggest night of their life for some young athletes is upon us and we’re rounding off our look at positional groups with a bumper episode ahead of all the Draft night action. Will we be in for some surprises? Of course. Will they be as...

2022 Draft – Corner & Safety

We continue our position group reviews ahead of next week’s draft, and this show is all about those shy retiring types that like to play in the defensive backfield. Don’t expect any of them to tell you how good they are, it’s just not in their DNA.

2022 Draft – D-Line & QB

Probably fair to say that one of these groups is (potentially) significantly more talented than the other this year! None the less, we continue our look at EVERY position group ahead of the Draft, and maybe there is a hidden gem in here. Maybe.

2022 Draft – WR & LB

Here. We. Go! Time to get the 2022 build up underway and start our look at this year’s position groups for the 2022 Draft. We kick things off this year with the hands guys and a much coveted position in today’s NFL – linebacker. Definitely more talent in some position...

Free Agency Fallout

Several Gents locked in the film room this week prepping for our Draft coverage, so the reprobates are at the controls again looking at some of the various stories emerging from are agency and how that will shape the season.

Free Agency Frenzy – Pt.II

As is always the way with these things, all the good stuff (well, a lot of it) happens as soon as we’re done recording. This time, there was too much good stuff for us not to bring you a bonus show this week, so here it is!

Free Agency Frenzy

Time to play musical chairs. Free Agency is upon us and there has been a LOT going on! We take a look at all the moves (well, all of them that had happened when we recorded) as the arms race in the AFC West hots up! We also try and...

It’s all kicked off! (Take 2)

Season is done, Super Bowl is over and now everything settles down until the Draft, right? Nuh uh! A crazy week of news in th NFL this week, and we’ve got it covered (well, most of it). We’ll also round up the cap space situation as well as some free...