Author: Simon

Kickin’ it with Carlson…

We’re joined by the venerable Mike Carlson to take a final look back at this year’s Draft and talk about many other aspects of football, including a rather specific kind of sponsorship appeal from the man himself! Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Making gains: The NFC

Post Free Agency and Draft, some teams have seen their roster change a little, some a lot. As a result there will be teams that improve significantly in 2017 over last year and others who may struggle to repeat their relative success. Dan has already taken a look at the...

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…

…and we’re feeling tired! Dan and Simon power through the sleep depravation to bring you a round up of the first round of this year’s Draft as the sun comes up. Don’t expect too much energy in this one! Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

The 2017 Gents Mock Draft

Yes, another mock draft but this time, it’s all on YOU! We run through the picks made in the annual Gents Mock Draft and look at who you picked, and why. There are some great picks in there too! Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

You only need one Mock Draft…

… and it’s this one. Ahead of the annual Gents Mock Draft, we sit round the table and draw up our own collective 1st Round selections. You may be surprised where some end up, and how. There may be some fisticuffs. Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

2017 Schedule: A first look

Unless you’ve been under a rock today (or perhaps in a toilet somewhere “over hydrating”) you’ll have noticed the NFL released the official schedules for all 32 teams overnight. Every year, even though we know who will be playing who and have done for some time based on the League’s...

A Steaming Barrel of ****

It’s time for a little Draft silliness as we’re joined by our all time favourite Jason Fitz to take a lighter look at what might come to pass in this year’s NFL Draft Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

The 2017 Draft: Quarterbacks

It’s the third and final part of our 2017 Draft trilogy and we’re joined by Aaron Leming to look over the play caller prospects. Are they viable options, or destined for years as a back up? Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

My 2017 Draft wish list

The 2017 Draft is almost upon us and, as always, there have been endless predictions as to what we’ll see and who will pick who, where. I’m not going to try and predict what is going to happen (Dan has already done an excellent job of that in his Mock...

The 2017 Draft: Defense

Part 2 of our 2017 Draft trilogy and it’s a cosy affair as Dan and Simon look at the defensive prospects. It’s a deep pool this year. Who will we have making our Top 5 listings? Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS