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You only need one Mock Draft…

… and it’s this one. Ahead of the annual Gents Mock Draft, we sit round the table and draw up our own collective 1st Round selections. You may be surprised where some end up, and how. There may be some fisticuffs. Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

A Steaming Barrel of ****

It’s time for a little Draft silliness as we’re joined by our all time favourite Jason Fitz to take a lighter look at what might come to pass in this year’s NFL Draft Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

The 2017 Draft: Quarterbacks

It’s the third and final part of our 2017 Draft trilogy and we’re joined by Aaron Leming to look over the play caller prospects. Are they viable options, or destined for years as a back up? Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

The 2017 Draft: Defense

Part 2 of our 2017 Draft trilogy and it’s a cosy affair as Dan and Simon look at the defensive prospects. It’s a deep pool this year. Who will we have making our Top 5 listings? Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

The 2017 Draft: Offense

We’ve lured over tapes, measured the measurables and changed our big board more times than our underwear as we start our 2017 Draft Trilogy. This week we look at the offensive prospects (minus QBs) and nail down our Top 5 in each group. Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Free Agency Madness!

The new league year is upon us, and that means one thing – money! We take a look at the early Free Agency moves and pick apart some of the early winners and losers. Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

It’s getting Drafty!

The season is over, so it’s time to start the wild speculation and measuring of the measurables as we take an early look at a few teams with needs, and how they might fill them, either through the Draft or Free Agency. Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

“And the winner is…”

The season is all over (boo-hoo!) so we take a look back at one of the great Super Bowls and then open the coffee stained envelopes to hand out the annual Gridiron Gentlemen paper plate awards. Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

It’s. The. Super Bowl!

Yes, the season finale is upon us as the Patriots take on the Falcons in Super Bowl LI. It signals the end of the season (booooo!) but it promises to be a great game (yaayyy!). We take a look at how this one will shake down. Subscribe: iTunes | Android...

The REAL Pro Bowl (TM)

THE most exciting week of the year is upon us. Yes, it’s Pro Bowl week! We divide Gents HQ this week and pick the “correct” Pro Bowl rosters between us. The best 44 AFC and NFC get named right here. Possibly. Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS