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On the front line

It’s the penultimate week of our Draft coverage pods, and this week we’re in the trenches. Offensive line, defensive line, and quarterback hunters all go under our critical eye, and there’s some SERIOUS talent in there this year. Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

The case for the defense

Our Draft coverage continues this week as Dan and Simon cosy up on the love bench and take a look at the top prospects on the defensive side of the ball. We’re talking off the ball linebackers, safeties, an the perennial wallflowers – cornerbacks. Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Can you feel that Draft?

Oh yes, it’s that time of year again (already!) and we get our Draft coverage underway in earnest this week. We take a look at the offensive skill position talent in this year’s class, and where they might land, in the first of four shows breaking down who is coming...

We’ve got the Power (Rankings)!

It’s never too early for a power ranking, right? We round up the free agency action, look ahead to who needs what in the upcoming Draft, and then decide where that leaves everyone in terms of the pecking order right now. There are a few surprises along the way too....

The name’s Agent. Free Agent.

It’s that time of year when teams flex their financial muscles or trade away the coffee machineĀ from the staff room to add some talent to their rosters, and we’re all over it like a slightly suspect rash. We take a look at some of the hot deals and some of...

If the cap fits…

We’ve had a week away, but we’re back with a cheeky look at cap space for the coming year. Who is going to spend big, and who is reaching down the back of the sofa? Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Fly Eagles Fly!

Alas, the season is done, but that doesn’t mean we stop! We’re back with a quick look back at the bug dance itself, and then we get stuck in the post season and what that may entail for some teams with some difficult decisions to make. It’s the usual mix...

Time for the big dance

Yes, it’s Super Bowl time! We’ve got every aspect broken down ahead of the big one. There’s also some early trade talk as we look at the Alex Smith move to Washington. Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

The 2017 Gridiron Gents Awards

Yes, forget the Oscar nominations, the NFL Honors or even the Razzies (especially the Razzies!), THIS is the awards show everyone is talking about. The Gents paper plates are awarded for all the usual categories, and one or two unusual ones! We also look back on our pre-season predictions (through...

Hashtag Humblebrag

We’re almost there. It’s Championship Weekend and we’ve got both games covered in depth for you on this week’s show. James has gone all BBC on us, Simon’s all in for the Pro Bowl (sort of) and we’ve got royal conspiracies on the side! Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS