Getting through off-season: reminiscing about Super Bowl L

Game reviews | News roundup

We’ve just passed the first weekend with no football but people are still coming up to me to talk about the Super Bowl game, some having only watched the sport for the first time. They are also curious about the SB Party the Gents were invited to, so to keep the memory of football as fresh as possible, here is my take on events of a week ago. As a disclaimer I do have to include a bit of product placement as our Super Bowl party invite was courtesy of LG UK.

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Gridiron Gentlemen Super Fun Prediction League: Week 16

Game reviews

Our regular post writer is currently buried under a pile of wrapping paper and Santa costumes so this week we have our free agency pick up who sadly cannot update you on who is leading, though it probably is still Dan. So week 15 eh? Was quite a week of games and all stories dominated by the tiff and subsequent helmet clash between Josh Norman and Odell Beckham Jr. And this being Christmas eve on a Thursday means we’re all going to be too excited to sleep because of the clash between the children’s Christmas nightmare that is Boltman and his┬áChargers, and┬áthe Oakland Raiders.

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