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Top 10: Offensive Line

We’re done with the Draft and fresh off of a bye week so it’s time to get stuck in to this year’s Top 10 lists! Where else to start other than the trenches, so we show some love to the front line of any good offense and break down who...

It’s a wrap!

So there we are. 7 rounds, three nights and nowhere near enough sleep later, the 2019 Draft is done. We go round once more this week and round up all the team drafts and picks we like, and a few we don’t. How it will all shake down only time...

Draft 2019: AFC West Review

Next up on the Divisional Draft Review, it’s the AFC West. Did the Raiders nail it? Did the Broncos get a bargain with Drew Lock in round 2? Lets find out. 

Draft 2019: NFC West Review

With the draft over, I thought I’d take a look at the haul from every team, by division. I didn’t really want to give all the teams grades (never been a fan of that), but wanted to look at the player potential and where the teams still have needs. The...

Draft 2019: Day 3 Review

With the last pick of the 2019 draft the Arizona Cardinals closed the proceedings they had started on Thursday (Friday for us I suppose) night by picking UCLA tight end Caled Wilson. Then seemingly without pausing for breath or a shower to freshen up, we were into the free for...

Draft 2019: Day 2 Review

With Day 2 in the books, it’s become abundantly clear that this year’s draft is loaded with 2nd tier talent and it feels like in rounds 2 and 3 most teams were able to fill real positions of need. So enjoy a super positive draft day review.

Draft 2019: Round 1 Review

Whilst there were some standout picks, it felt like a relatively uneventful draft. Uneventful, but solid. As expected, if teams wanted to get better in the trenches, this was the draft for them. Let’s take a look.

NFL Draft 2019

It’s the sleepy time review. We review the 1st round of the draft. We’re sleepy. What more do you want? Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Running Backs: 2019 Draft

During our run down of top prospects at each position on the podcast, it is not possible to really go into as much depth or cover more prospects. So here I have written up my notes on some prospects I really liked, in no particular order, just ones that caught...

It’s all fun and games until the Commish steps up

The Draft is (finally!) upon us and it’s time for our annual light hearted poke at the NFL Draft with our array of “end of term” games. We go “Deal or No Deal”, ideal landing spots, throw in a few over/unders and, of course, there are some “OhISay” predictions too....