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Best Bets: Week 9

Finally, after weeks of mediocrity we’re back where we want to be – 0-3. It had been a few weeks but it’s good to know I’ve still got it in the locker. Obviously I can’t beat the bookmakers so I’ve decided to see if I can beat a coin. For...

Iceberg, dead ahead!

  Imagine, if you will, that you own a boat. It’s quite a nice boat that you have had for a couple of years and have enjoyed sailing in. It floats very well (as you would hope) and has lots of nice shiny bits on it that are not quite...

Week 8 Review: The International Series

Another International Series game down and the NFL has left London for the year. But when they come back next season, they’re here for 3 games! Until then we have a whole half a season ahead of us to watch and enjoy. Anyway let’s start with the big game in...

'Who's Got It Better Than Us?' A guide to the 49ers

It is the week of the 2nd International Series game and 2 top flight American Football teams are here to do battle, The Jacksonville Jaguars & the San Francisco 49ers. So let’s take a closer look at one of the teams on display, the San Francisco 49ers.

Assessing the state of the read option

Week 2 is barely here and already a clutch of NFL pundits are claiming that the 2012 seasons most pored-over playstyle as we know it is dead and buried. That’s a little premature, but here are a few thoughts.  

Pre-Season Week 3 Part 3

This will be the final Pre-Season review as Week 4 isn’t worth much of a look at and I’d rather focus on the coming season. So let’s get into it.

Pre-Season Week 2 Part 1

We are so close people, just a few more weeks to go and we will be watching meaningful American Football. But in the mean time, here’s a review of week 2 of Pre-Season. I will try to keep it shorter than last week. It also worth pointing out that I...

Pre-season Week 1 pt 1

American Football is back! So to celebrate I thought I’d go through the games and what we learned about these teams from these games.