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Week 13: Review

What was I giving thanks for? The NFL remaining as crazy as it is…oh and Sausages. Let’s dive straight into the Thursday Thanksgiving Games…

Week 12 Power Rankings

A big shake up in this weeks Power Rankings as some of the top teams played each other, meaning we got a better idea of where teams should be. No change at the bottom though.

Week 7 Picks

Well it was a terrible week for me. But Jon predicted 13 out of 15 of the games right! Making it a 3 way tie at the top.

Week 6: The Early Games

Or as it should be called, ‘the week the Defences took control’. Some great games this week. We only have 2 undefeated teams and they’re in the same division.

Week 6 Picks.

A woeful performance from the Gents last week as there was a 3 way tie at top with a dreadful 8 correct picks.

Week 5 The Early Games

When people ask me “what should I watch to get into the NFL?” I will stand up, lock the door and find Week 5 of the 2013 season.  

Week 5 Predictions

Got some cracking games this week and some that are just really hard to call. After last weeks results, I’ve managed to storm into the joint lead with Duncan:

Week 5 Power Rankings

As the League begins to take shape, it becomes fairly obvious, who will get the early draft picks and who will be challenging for the playoffs.