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Draft 2019: AFC West Review

Next up on the Divisional Draft Review, it’s the AFC West. Did the Raiders nail it? Did the Broncos get a bargain with Drew Lock in round 2? Lets find out. 

Patriots on the Charge(rs)

Wow, the Chargers really put on a master class against the Ravens, 7 defensive backs to stifle Lamar Jackson and keep the Ravens’ innovative offence in check. A bold strategy from a fine defensive mind, after all Gus Bradley is the architect of the Legion of Boom It seems on...

San Diego Chargers: The Philip Rivers Show

If you have ever tried to get a sofa up a staircase or tried to fit your own kitchen (please, for the sake of your sanity don’t!!) you will understand, in a very meaningful way, how difficult it is to get large objects into or through tight spaces. Unless, that...

NFL Mock Draft Scenarios 2015: The Mariota Effect

My plan has always been to map out a crazy list of possible scenarios that could happen on draft day and look at how they affect the other teams in the draft. Obviously this is all just my opinion and the very list that it’s based on is a ‘fantasy’...

What if? NFL Draft edition

Aside from my love of everything American Football, I am a huge nerd, in particular a comic nerd. When I’m not watching Peyton Manning throwing wobbly passes, I’m reading through (catching up on), X-Men, or hitting the internet to make sure I caught all the easter eggs in the new...

2015 mock draft: part 2

Part 1 had me deal with the ‘Mariota issue’, which could see him going anywhere from 1-16, I don’t think it’s been this hard to predict where a player lands in a long time. Part 2 is a little more predictable, but sees several teams reaching to pick up players...

Week 6 Picks.

A woeful performance from the Gents last week as there was a 3 way tie at top with a dreadful 8 correct picks.

Pre-Season Week 3 Part 3

This will be the final Pre-Season review as Week 4 isn’t worth much of a look at and I’d rather focus on the coming season. So let’s get into it.