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Draft 2019: AFC West Review

Next up on the Divisional Draft Review, it’s the AFC West. Did the Raiders nail it? Did the Broncos get a bargain with Drew Lock in round 2? Lets find out. 

The Race to Minnesota: Week 10

We’re fast closing in on the business end of the 2017 season and the windows are beginning to close for some teams looking to extend their activities beyond Week 17. Each week through to the end of the season, we’ll take a look at how things stand, and who is on...

2015 mock draft: part 2

Part 1 had me deal with the ‘Mariota issue’, which could see him going anywhere from 1-16, I don’t think it’s been this hard to predict where a player lands in a long time. Part 2 is a little more predictable, but sees several teams reaching to pick up players...

The Early…EARLY Power Rankings

This evening I sat at home thinking what would be the most absurd thing I could do. I mean I haven’t been called an idiot in a while. So with that in mind I decided to sit and come up with a power rankings for next season entirely based on...

Wildcard Review: Saturday

It feels like there are some things I say too often. ‘Fantastic’, I say an awful lot. ‘Obviously’, on the Podcast is a word I get into double digits saying and every year I feel like I say ‘This could have been the best night of Play Off football I’ve...

Week 16: Review- Early Games

The last few weeks I’ve tried to “get into it”, a bit. This week, I have very little time I’m afraid, so I shall be keeping it brief. It will be early though!

Week 12 Power Rankings

A big shake up in this weeks Power Rankings as some of the top teams played each other, meaning we got a better idea of where teams should be. No change at the bottom though.

Week 6: The Early Games

Or as it should be called, ‘the week the Defences took control’. Some great games this week. We only have 2 undefeated teams and they’re in the same division.

Week 4 Power Rankings

Probably the most difficult ranking I’ve done as bad teams played well and good teams played bad. But it is obvious, there is one certainty…