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Russell Bloody Wilson

Ha! I got you. You think this is going to be me moaning about Russell Wilson…didn’t you? In actual fact I thought I would take this opportunity to look at the flip side of my thoughts on the Seahawks QB. After all they are in a Super bowl.

The AFC & NFC Championships

I have never been a big stats guy. I mean I can look at them and see a link between certain stats and certain games.  I get it. But I much prefer watching games and seeing for myself what’s what. Anyway after all the Gents have been through a variety...

The Unsung Heroes of the AFC & NFC Championship Games

When the dust settles and the QB’s that have led their team to victory are surrounded by the media and fans of their teams, there will be a few important pieces that will briefly celebrate, then calmly walk to their locker, pack their bags and leave. To further on Duncan’s...

The Supporting cast of the NFC Championship Game

It is fair to say that one of the most exciting aspects of this weekend’s matchups will be the battle between the QB’s. Manning vs. Brady is a scrap we all look forward to and seeing the young guns, Kaepernick & Wilson duke it out promises to offer a QB...

Week 13: Review

What was I giving thanks for? The NFL remaining as crazy as it is…oh and Sausages. Let’s dive straight into the Thursday Thanksgiving Games…

Week 12 Power Rankings

A big shake up in this weeks Power Rankings as some of the top teams played each other, meaning we got a better idea of where teams should be. No change at the bottom though.

Week 5 The Early Games

When people ask me “what should I watch to get into the NFL?” I will stand up, lock the door and find Week 5 of the 2013 season.