Yesterday the final cuts were made to bring teams down to a 53 man roster. Cut day is a sad day for most fans, pundits and obviously the athletes themselves. But this year for me it was particularly heart-breaking.  I have been through every pre-season game with a fine tooth comb and now I see players that I think had excellent futures on the job line.


Anyway I thought I would go through some of the top cuts, without saying a name that rhymes with ‘Jim Jebow’.

Vince Young

Vince Young’s history is well documented. Star player at college. Drafted by the Titans. Behaves like a child. Gets dropped and then is bounced round every team that has a spare QB slot. When Green Bay picked him up ,he looked like he had turned the corner. He had a great pre-season and was humble in every interview, statement and even tweet. But obviously wasn’t the right fit. I would imagine he’ll get picked up, by one of many teams out there in need of a decent backup QB.

Jonathan Dwyer

The Steelers have issues at Running Back. So what do they do? They release someone who has shown obvious talent at the position. Surely you hold on to Dwyer for a bit especially when Le’Veon Ball is out with a Lis Franc injury and your 3 remaining backs are Isaac Redman, Felix Jones and LaRod Stephens-Howling.

J’Marcus Webb

J’Marcus joined the Bears as a 7th round pick and was plugged into the O-line almost immediately. He eventually made his way up to the Left Tackle spot, where he allowed a who’s who of Defensive Ends to Sack Jay Cutler. In truth it’s not entirely his fault. He clearly wasn’t ready to plugged in at that position and the whole line was awful.

Austin Collie

This came as a shock to me. Collie looked incredible as a slot Receiver and looked like he could be the Niners answer to Welker, Amendola or Earl Bennett. I think though there are a couple of issues here. 1) He has a history with Concussions, so much so that experts have wondered how much longer he can play the game for. 2) Who do you drop to put him in? Their Wide Receiver consists of: Boldin, Moore, Patton, Baldwin, Williams and currently injured they have Crabtree and Manningham. So this move kind of makes sense, but expect him to end up with another team.

These are just a few big Names amongst many other big names but I wanted to end on a high note about a QB that did enough to stay on the roster and prove that it’s never really over.

Pat White

Pat White joined the league with the Dolphins in 2009 to run the WildCat Offence. He was pretty undersized and late in the year suffered a serious Concussion that lead to the Dolphins cutting him. Since then he floated around the UFL for a while, but never really made an impact so was released within a few months. 2 years later the Redskins pick him up for pre-season and he has shined, to the extent that he has made the Redskins 53 man Roster.

Main Image: Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Featured Image: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY