A New Dolphins, With an Old School Mentality

The last 2 games we’ve seen a Miami Dolphins team that looks completely different to the abomination we saw in London. There could be a number of reasons for this. Teams do tend to come back fresh from a bye week, after having a chance to assess where they’re going wrong, also it doesn’t hurt that the 2 teams they have faced have been the less-than-brilliant Texans and Titans. However, there is no doubt that the most popular and my opinion, most correct reasoning will be the sacking of Joe Philbin, who by his absence has pretty much proved that they simply didn’t want to play for him.

Enter an inexperienced tight ends Coach, Dan Campbell and we’re looking at a completely different looking team.

Dan Campbell had been given hiring/firing power over the coaches on this team, which saw Kevin Coyle hit the job line. Up steps Lou Anarumo from being defensive backs coach and we see an immediate change on defence. Suh had pretty much given up despite the giant contract he signed in the summer. Since the introduction of Campbell and Anarumo, Suh has been instrumental in improving the pass rush for the Dolphins, gaining 2 sacks and making room for a hungry Cameron Wake to pick up 6 sacks in 2 games as well as 2 forced fumbles in Sundays game. Brent Grimes looks like the player we expected him to this season, just all but completely taking a top receiver like DeAndre Hopkins out of Sunday’s game. So what did Lou Anarumo do? Bring in a bold new defensive scheme? changed the starting lineup? No, he just let them play, which is all they’ve wanted to do all season.

On offence Tannehill looks not only reliable, but dynamic, completing 18/19 passes and 4 touchdowns in the game against the Texans. Whilst he doesn’t force the ball deep, he utilises his quick ‘yards after catch’ receivers and hits them in stride, getting the ball out quickly and covering up what is a poor offensive line. Rashad Matthews wanted a trade pre-season when the team picked up DeVante Parker, he’s looked nothing short of excellent and gained 75 yards on 3 receptions and a touchdown against Houston. Finally their getting the ball to Lamar Miller, who now has been given the chance to prove himself. In this game he picked up 236 total yards and 2 touchdowns.

What we’re seeing is the team we thought we’d see in the off season, and all it took was a change at Head Coach. Not to a dynamic College name, or to a proven NFL entity, but to someone who is well liked in the organisation and who’d let the Coaches do their job.

Dan Campbell has made the Dolphins players want to be part of something that could be pretty special and if you want evidence, see the blocking Landry gets down field in his incredible touchdown run, or how the player react to the rain on the sidelines. These guys love playing for this team right now, something we haven’t seen in a very long time.

Bring on the Patriots on Thursday.