Best Bets: Week 10

A boring 0-2-1 last week. Hopefully back to the 0-3s this week.

I’ll get on with the picks quickly so you can get on with betting against me.

Eagles +1 vs Falcons

The Eagles are a different team at home. Carson Wentz has come back to earth in the past few weeks but he can get back on track against the Falcons defence.

Matt Ryan and Julio Jones have been great but the Eagles can match up and while they may not stop them entirely, they can slow them down.

You may have heard that the Eagles are Football Outsider’s number one team. While that may be a stretch, they are a good team. At home, I’ll take them getting points against most teams.


Saints -3 vs Broncos

The cracks have started to show in Denver. The lack of any real running game is piling the pressure on Trevor Siemian and that’s not the winning formula for the Broncos.

The Saints showed that they have a gameplan to beat the best defences when they got a win against the Seahawks.

Drew Brees is a great quarterback at home and he can lead the Saints past the Broncos.


Titans +3 vs Packers

Everyone keeps expecting the Packers to become the Packers again but I just don’t think they are that team any more. They just don’t have the talent of teams of the past.

The Titans are a team on the up and one that still has a chance in the division. I like them at home and getting points as well, I love them here.