Best Bets: Week 11

Well that was disappointing, a 2-1 week to actually win for just the third time this year. Regular readers will know that I just don’t do winning. Apologies to those that just use this to pick against. I’ll try to get back on track this week with the 0-3s.

I feel like a traitor for not picking the Browns this week but it worked last week, so let’s see what happens in week 11.

Rams +2 vs Dolphins

Home underdogs was the winning formula last week and I think that can continue here.

Jared Goff will get his first start and while he may not set the world alight, he has to be an upgrade on the hopeless Case Keenum. Kenny Britt finally looks to be fulfilling his promise and he can help Goff get off to a good start.

The Rams have a defence that can match up well with Miami and at least slow them down. It looks set to be a low scoring game and the Rams have a team that can win that sort of game.

You don’t get to 7-9 without winning this sort of game.


Redskins -3 vs Packers

We got a win with the Titans against the Packers last week and the Redskins can put a similar beating on a team that just looks lost.

The Redskins offence is full of weapons and with the Packers defence struggling of late, Kirk Cousins could be in for a big day.

I feel like Mike McCarthy’s time in Green Bay is coming to an end and this game will be just another game that contributes to his eventual firing.


Texans +6 @ Raiders (in Mexico)

Look, I know I don’t stop banging on about Brock Osweiler and that should mean that I pick against them at every opportunity, but he is not the reason for this pick. I really like the way the Texans defence matches up with the Raiders. A.J. Bouye is Pro Football Focus’ no.1 ranked cornerback this year and he can help slow down the very good Raiders offence.

We know what the atmosphere is like in these games, it doesn’t really count as a home game for the Raiders. We’ve seen numerous teams this year come off the bye a little sluggish and when you add in to that the new surroundings in Mexico, I feel like we could be in for a big let-down game from the Raiders.