Best Bets: Week 14

With no Browns playing and no Rob Gronkowski I decided to take a week off from all NFL related activity last week because really, what’s the point when they aren’t involved?

Cleveland are back this week and I have a new hero in Malcolm Mitchell so I’m back in the game.

Rams +5.5 vs Falcons

Home underdogs have served me well and I think they can again. With Julio Jones suffering from turf toe a huge part of the Falcons offence is taken away. The Rams defence has underperformed at times but they can put pressure on Matt Ryan with his main weapon not at full strength.

Honestly, I have liked some of what I have seen from Jared Goff. If Kenny Britt hadn’t covered his hands in cement last week his stats would have looked a lot better. He has an arm that can take advantage of a weak Falcons defence and get enough points to cover this spread.


Browns +5.5 vs Bengals

I didn’t want to do it again, but I have to, one last time. This is it. This is the game where the Browns get that one win.

I know the Bengals played well last week but with no Green, they just aren’t a great team.

Every player in that Browns locker room will want to avoid being known as a player that was part of an 0-16 season. This is the best chance of getting that win and coming off of a bye I think they can do it.

I promise that win or lose, the Browns will not be part of my picks again this season. Probably.


Cowboys -3 at Giants

I just do not believe that the Giants are a particularly good team. They have also suffered some big injuries, particularly on the defensive line. The Cowboys will be able to run it all night on them and they have more than enough in them to cover the three point spread.

Dallas can secure a first round bye and even the No.1 overall seed in this game. They have shown no signs that they won’t take care of business here.