Getting through off-season: reminiscing about Super Bowl L

We’ve just passed the first weekend with no football but people are still coming up to me to talk about the Super Bowl game, some having only watched the sport for the first time. They are also curious about the SB Party the Gents were invited to, so to keep the memory of football as fresh as possible, here is my take on events of a week ago. As a disclaimer I do have to include a bit of product placement as our Super Bowl party invite was courtesy of LG UK.

The Gents were invited, with VIP tickets to watch the game (Game of the Year as the promoters described it) at an event sponsored by LG. The idea was we got to sit with beer and food and in comfort with others to watch the game on big LG OLED 4K TV’s. James and myself stepped up to the challenge, with hope of a good evening despite the heavy rain outside. Sadly the number of people who did turn up was significantly lower than the promoters expected, including a large number of other folk offered VIP tickets, which I could not really understand. I mean you get an invite and an offer of food and drink and a fancy big HD TV to watch what promised to be a great game?
Anyway, the lack of people did mean we could settle ourselves happily in front of the big projected screen, a great unobstructed view unlike the previous SB Event we had attended for SB XLVIII.

Now I am meant to include a review of the Super Bowl adverts but the event was showing the BBC Sport coverage so cannot sadly tell you which advert I thought was best and how the LG Advert, directed by Ridley Scott and staring Liam Neeson (who doesn’t die in the advert) compared. The BBC coverage was excellent though and the analysis spot on. Having James out of the cellar and watching the game with me was like having an extra pundit there, he is a fountain of football knowledge, knowing so much history and really being able to break down plays. ¬†We may also both have been supporting the Broncos, James because he is a Bronco fan and me because of Peyton (who will always be a Colt to some extent).

And though I was transfixed by the brutal and defensively hard fought game on the big screen, I actually watched many of the replays on the LG OLED TVs ( and actually wish I could have watched the whole thing on one of these. The quality and sharpness of the picture was exceptional, I mean really quite surreal, not to the point you felt you were there but as if it was more real, sharper than real life I suppose. And as there were many bright colours during the half time show, the TVs really did do Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars justice in the light of how I suspect they would want to be seen.

If the game had been a blowout and not the close intense game we had, James and I would have walked out I think. It was not really a party though the staff at the Electric Ballroom were somewhat amused by the number of attendees. But the game was gripping, the defensive plays by both teams were exceptional, the Broncos D doing just that bit more, the key being the forced fumble by Von Miller leading to the touchdown. I do think it was that key play that pretty well secured his MVP status as otherwise Kony Ealy was hot on his heels. A game with 7 turnovers overall is really the key take away stat. And that is the thing, the game sticks in the mind because of the defensive plays and how neither offence could move the ball, but there was always the chance two of the games most dynamic and excellent on field managers of an offence could pull something out of the bag, in Peyton’s case just to put the game to bed, in Cam’s just to pull the game back.

Peyton did just enough, content with pushing far enough down the field to keep the scoreboard ticking, confident that Brandon McManus would make his field goals (something he managed throughout the season). Gano missing a field goal for the Panthers was a surprise for me as he has also been one of the most consistent kickers. It was just part of the signs this was not going to be the Panthers day. Really the biggest sign was when Luke Keuchly’s tackle was broken by Anderson. What a shock.

So the Broncos win their third Super Bowl, but we did not see Von Miller receive the MVP award or the trophy presentation. No, as soon as the whistle was blown to close the 4th quarter, we were promptly asked to leave and kicked out into the damp, London streets, to make our way home. The evening was made by the game and having James as company. But this has been the second disappointing Super Bowl event. And the reason why I think events we have been to have not quite worked is because they are aiming for big crowds, the venue chosen not quite right if not as many folk turn up or the venue layout means it is easy to get crowded out without the chance of getting to watch the game clearly. The main reason is I think people just prefer to watch the game at or close to home, or around someones house where they can crash pretty well after the presentation. Afterall, Monday is most likely a school day for most folk.

Will the Gents host an event? Maybe, maybe, we have certainly learnt lessons from the events we have been to.

Thank you again to LG and iCrossing for the invitation to the SB event, the idea and the plans were great, was just sad people did not turn up.