2017 Power Rankings: Week 11

Right folks, we’re 11 games in and it’s time to start taking this a little seriously. No more teams at no. 32 because they repeatedly put a QB I happen to quite like in harm’s way. Nope my no. 32 team is genuinely the team I think is the worst in the league right now and I genuinely believe that 31 other teams could beat them.

32) New York Giants: I try not to be someone who regularly blows their own trumpet (really there is little opportunity to), but I do take great pride in the Gents refusal to get on the Giants Superbowl bandwagon. It feels like the Giants failings are where they have been for several years and the fact they haven’t improved in any of these areas says to me that it’s time to clean house. 

31) Cleveland Browns: They are by no means a good team, but there are signs of life and a few signs of improvement. Earlier we put a poll on twitter asking who would win in a matchup between the Giants and the Browns. The Browns won 52% to 48%, which tells me that both the Giants and Browns are fighting an incredibly close battle for being the very worst team in the league 

30) San Francisco 49ers: Slight improvements on this team. CJ Beathard had easily his best game of the season, but is still getting hit way too often. Still though this is very much work in progress, with an awful lot still to do.

29) Indianapolis Colts: A lack of talent sees them still languishing in the depths of this power rankings, despite giving the Steelers a scare on Sunday. The Colts and the Giants might be the 2 furthest teams away from being relevant.

28) Arizona Cardinals: Okay the Giants, Colts AND Cardinals might be the 3 furthest teams away from being relevant. The Cards will probably see both Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald retire meaning they’ll need help across every area of the offence except running back. The team is a mess. 

27) Chicago Bears: The Bears biggest challenge in any game seems to be themselves. A combination of boneheaded mistakes and penalties have meant that the Bears are an incredibly frustrating team to follow. 

26) New York Jets: It feels like we might be seeing the New York Jets we actually expected to see. That being said they’re still a lot better than we expected. This Jets team might have the spine of a decent defence. The offence needs a lot of work however. 

25) Tampa Bay  Buccaneers:  Despite a win this week, this is still a bad team. Frustratingly bad. It looks like Bucs fans might be witnessing yet another rebuild and yet another head coach.

24) Baltimore Ravens: It feels like this team has been running on the spot since they won their last Superbowl. This  

23) Buffalo Bills: I think there’s a few teams where we’ve seen them play better than they really have every right to, then gradually we’re seeing drops in production as the Season goes on. Buffalo is one of those teams. 

22)Miami Dolphins: The only thing consistent about this Dolphins team, is how inconsistent they are. Coming out of the 2017 Season this team will be left with so many questions Can Ryan Tannehill do much better than Cutler? Was losing Jay Ajayi the right move? Is Adam Gase the answer at Head Coach?

21) Cincinnati Bengals: This is a team who’s Super bowl window was firmly shut last year. Now they’ve drawn the curtains and put up a net curtain too. This team is long overdue many changes, not least at Head Coach.

20) Houston Texans: When JJ Watt and Whitney Mercilus went down injured, that should have been the end of the Texans season. However with the addition of an actual legitimate Quarterback in DeShaun Watson, they had a player that pull the team up by the bootstraps and get them some wins. Then he got injured. Some rough breaks for a hopeful Texans team, who are forced to once again rely on Tom Savage.    

19) Denver Broncos: There is still a lot of talent on this roster, but a lack of a franchise QB has seen this team slip down to last place in the AFC West. With no hope of making the playoffs this season, it’s time to figure out how this team can move on at QB and try to figure out just what Wade Phillips did to get the most out of this defence.

18) LA Chargers: A talented roster hamstrung by silly mistakes late in games. Rivers has been a faithful servant of the Chargers, but it feels like it’s time to get some young blood in at QB. The defence however still looks solid.

17) Oakland Raiders: Same can’t be said for the Raiders defence which looks much worse than we expected this season. Whilst defensive deficiencies were to be expected on this Raiders team, the same cannot be said for a lacklustre offence with shockingly poor offensive line play. Oakland might need to start fresh with the o-line next season, as well as give Carr some reliable weapons.  

16) Green Bay Packers: Without Aaron Rodgers, this is a hard team to suss out. Yes they beat the Chicago Bears, but the Bears did their best to throw it away. Regardless, it feels like we might have seen Hundley start to at least slowly creep round the corner into relevance. The next couple of games are key for this team.

15) Tennessee Titans: Another team that’s hard to figure out. The defence is playing solid football with an offence that does a good job of keeping them off the field. For me it just feels like this team will just miss out… again.

14) Atlanta Falcons:  I moved them up the power rankings because they looked like the 2016 Falcons last week. This week’s game against the Seahawks could be crucial for deciding who makes it into a wild card spot.

13) Dallas Cowboys: It’s hard to believe that last season this team was actually somewhat blessed with injuries. This year they’ve been less lucky. Injuries to Tyron Smith and now Sean Lee, as well as the Zeke suspension, mean this team will probably just miss out on a wild card spot.

12) Detroit Lions: If NFL games ended with the 3rd quarter (yes I know what I just said), the Lions would be in the mid-20s. If they were just the 4 quarter, they’d be top 4. Altogether, 12 seems fair. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Get Matt Stafford some help.

11) Washington: Tough loss to a Super bowl contender this week. Despite the loss, Washington look like they’re in a decent position to leap from the Cowboys and push for a Wild Card spot. 

10) Carolina Panthers: There are few teams this high up, with this many holes. Somehow the Panthers though continue to win games, thanks to a few key players on both sides of the ball. Much like every season, I would say that there should be legitimate concerns for Cam’s health, with him still risking his body to make plays.

9) Jacksonville Jaguars: I originally had them lower, but concluded that their defence was simply too good to not be this high. Bortles, despite a few decent plays in every game, is a concern. This Jags team is reminiscent of the Texans team that got handed a donut by the Chiefs a couple of years back.

8) Seattle Seahawks: I considered moving them lower, now that Sherman looks to be done for a considerable amount of time. I concluded though that there is still a lot talent on this roster and they could still make a run at a play off spot.

7) Kansas City Chiefs: Despite being in full control of the AFC West, this team does seem to have made the odd slip in recent weeks. This is still a talented roster, but it seems like a lifetime ago that they were being touted for the Superbowl.

6) Minnesota Vikings: I think in the next few weeks we’ll see what this team is. I think they are a potential Super bowl contender and show the importance of building a deep roster. For most teams losing the starting QB and running back would probably be enough to sink them. The Vikings though have depth at every position and coordinators that can get the most from their team.

5) Pittsburgh Steelers: It’s possibly the most talented roster in the league, that in some games just can’t get it right. Despite the talent on this team, there is just something not right with them. I just don’t have a great deal of confidence in them.

4) LA Rams: For those like me who have joined the Cult of McVay (praise be Sean), this is easily one of the most exciting teams in the league. The combination of McVay’s (praise be) enthusiasm, confidence and ability to scheme and offence, with Wade Phillips experience and ability to scheme a defence is proving to be a force to be reckoned with. The Rams may not win a Super bowl this season, but damn are they fun to watch.

3) New Orleans Saints: The sudden versatility of the Saints offence (although, I will rightly be told that Ingram has always been this good) and the stoutness of a revitalised defence are making the Saints a team that no one wants to face right now. It feels only right that before Drew Brees either moves on to a new team, or even potential retirement, that he gets another shot at a well deserved 2nd Super bowl.

2) New England Patriots: It’s easy to say that they’ve been unlucky with injuries, but as we’ve already discussed, the best teams find a way to win games. Well it seems the Pats are actually managing that, no matter how ugly some of them have been. The re-emergence of Dion Lewis by the way, might be the shot in the arm this team needs.

1) Philadelphia Eagles: Despite the bye week and some impressive performances from rival NFC teams, the Eagles still sit atop my power rankings. The fact is, they are the most complete team in the league right now and I think they probably could beat anyone. This Eagles roster is by far and away the best in years and could be ready to make history.

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