Mock Draft 2

The first Mock Draft I did was fun. So decided to make it a regular thing.

Once again this is mostly based on needs for each team. Also I haven’t tried predicting trades. Finally this is a mock draft. No one knows whats going to happen, but I’d love to know your opinions.


Pick 1: Houston Texans – Teddy Bridgewater, QB

He has the tape. He is the most pro-ready QB and as tempting as it was to put Bortles here, I couldn’t pull the trigger. I still can’t see Clowney going here unless someone moves up to get him.

Pick 2: St Louis Rams – Greg Robinson, OT

Clowney is the most talented player in this draft. There is no doubt. But needs out way wants and even a whisper about Clowney having work ethic issues should be enough to make the Rams take an exceptional talent in an area of need.

Pick 3: Jacksonville Jaguars – Johnny Manziel, QB

This choice has changed no less than 4 times before I posted this. Is he the 3rd most talented player in the draft? no. But it is a need and I think he will work quite well with this team. If they don’t take him, he could easily drop to the 2nd.

Pick 4: Cleveland Browns – Jadeveon Clowney, DE

If this actually happens, Christmas will have come early for the Browns. I actually think someone moves up before this happens.

Pick 5: Oakland Raiders -Blake Bortles, QB

The Raiders need to turn a corner and make a sensible choice at QB. Manziel is not that choice. Bortles is. Maybe sit him behind a McCown for a year.

Pick 6: Atlanta Falcons – Jake Matthews, OT

Maybe they could move up to pick up Clowney. If not they could do a lot worse than Matthews. Ryan needs time to be Ryan.

Pick 7: Tampa Bay Buccaneers -Khalil Mack, OLB

Probably 2nd best talent in the draft. The Bucs could use Mack to build a Defence around.

Pick 8: Minnesota Vikings – Anthony Barr, OLB

Similar to above. Watkins I think could also be a possibility.

Pick 9: Buffalo Bills – Sammy Watkins, WR

Give Manuel some talent to work with and see what he can do. If he does nothing, they’ve still got the best wideout in the draft.

Pick 10: Detroit Lions – Justin Gilbert, CB

The Lions desperately need a Corner. Gilbert ticks most of the boxes for the Lions in an NFC North steeped with talented big Receivers.

Pick 11: Tennessee Titans – CJ Mosley, ILB

Tennessee have a few issues, but short of the need for a new QB and a good chance they can pick up a Running Back in the later rounds means they have an opportunity to sure up a few areas of need on the Defence.

Pick 12: New York Giants – Taylor Lewan, OT

Shooting up draft boards, the Giants are desperate to keep Eli upright. That starts with this pick.

Pick 13: St Louis Rams – Mike Evans, WR

The Rams need to see what they have in Bradford. to do that they really need to give him some weapons, then if he can’t get it done this year, he’s out on his ear.

Pick 14: Chicago Bears – Aaron Donald, DT

Nearly every mock draft I’ve read has Timmy Jernigan going here, whilst I like Jernigan I think Donald might have done enough to shoot up the board a few spots and go in the top 15.

Pick 15: Pittsburgh Steelers – Calvin Pryor, S

He’s big. Strong. Nasty. Vicious. Should be just what Steelers need.

Pick 16: Dallas Cowboys – Timmy Jernigan, DT

Donald could go here. But failing that Jernigan can fulfill a desperate need on a poor Defence.

Pick 17: Baltimore Ravens – Zack Martin, OT

Pitta’s all signed up, leaving them with a chance to fill a need and improve Flacco’s play.

Pick 18: New York Jets – Brandin Cooks, WR

Shooting up the order, Cooks was probably the stand out player of the Combine. Hard work has seen him rocket up draft boards.

Pick 19: Miami Dolphins – Morgan Moses, OT

It’s a total reach for Moses here there is no denying it. But they are seriously desperate at the position. Expect them to move up or down.

Pick 20: Arizona Cardinals – Eric Ebron, TE

Shy of one of the top QB’s playing the game, there is surprisingly few needs for the Cardinals. A decent Tight End might mean Palmer is a little less intercepty.

Pick 21: Green Bay Packers – Ha-Ha Clinton Dix, S

Clinton Dix probably won’t fall this far, but if he does, he’ll be a great pick for Green Bay.

Pick 22: Philadelphia Eagles – Bradley Roby, CB

I’ve said it before. It’s their one glaring need.

Pick 23: Kansas City Chiefs – Stephon Tuitt, DE

If they’re following the Seahawks mould and they would be silly not to. They’ll need more Defensive Ends.

Pick 24: Cincinnati Bengals – Rashede Hageman, DT

Another Combine winner. Probably pushed himself through to a 1st Round Pick. Would be a good fit in Cincy.

Pick 25: San Diego Chargers – Darqueze Dennard, CB

Another great player that probably doesn’t drop this low. But once again would be a great pick for the Chargers.

Pick 26: Cleveland Browns – Odell Beckham, WR

The Browns have the chance to put together the best Wide Receiver Corps in the league. This could all change if they think they can’t pick up Derek Carr in the 2nd

Pick 27: New Orleans Saints – Dee Ford, DE

Didn’t work out at the combine due to back issues from his medical. Still however a ridiculous amount of speed off the edge, could be a difference maker in a Division with Cam Newton.

Pick 28: Carolina Panthers – Kelvin Benjamin, WR

With Steve Smith not locked up by the Panthers and with an inevitable drop off in talent, they will need their no. 1 Receiver of the future. This year is definitely the year to do it.

Pick 29: New England Patriots – Jace Amaro, TE

Zach Sudfeld wasn’t who we thought he would be. Time to spend big.

Pick 30: San Francisco 49ers – Louis Nix, DT

You can never have too many D-linemen. Time for a young new Tackle.

Pick 31: Denver Broncos – Jason Verrett, CB

A huge weekness at the end of last season. This could be what they need to get over the hump…well its a start at least.

Pick 32: Seattle Seahawks –  Kony Ealy, DE

The Seahawks made their name on the back of a deep Defensive Line that could get a bit weaker after some stars hitting free agency. Ealy could fill that gap.

Mack Draft 2 done. I’ll have a 3rd up soon and plan to spend my week off looking up draftee’s. So keep an eye out for plenty of new posts.