Mock Draft potential 1st Round Movers

We have done our mock draft podcast and Dan has written his first round mock draft. During our own mock draft as well as discussing potential moves in our Oh I Say picks, it became clear that round 1 could see quite a few late moves by teams this year. In this quick and bit of fun, I am going to list who I think are most likely to switch around and how Round 1 could end up looking like. Just round 1, I’m not totally crazy.

Cleveland Browns – Up or Down?

They dropped down to 8 with that big switch with the Eagles. They have 12 picks to play around with. I do see them making a move. And it could be with the Chargers or the Jags (this is the Browns, I’m sure they’ll move up 3 if they really want someone, such as Bosa). Why? Because the Chargers and Jags have eight picks each, with both having extra picks in the 6th round. Both teams have needs, Jags still on defense and O-line, Chargers in so many places, that they could still pick up a top player in the top 10 and probably earn an extra third and fourth round pick up for the switch. I do not know exactly who the Browns would move up for but by most accounts Laremy Tunsil could be worth it, especially if the Browns are going to stick with RGIII and will need to protect him. Losing two picks to move up still leaves them with ten to waste as they like.

However, I actually think they may move down. They have done so already once and may be thinking of looking for magic in the later rounds. I think the Colts or the Dolphins could look to trade up, the Colts because they are in an awkward spot to pick up a much needed OT and the Dolphins because they will go for Ezekiel Elliot if he is still on the board. The Colts will trade for 2017 draft picks (sensible for the Browns who will still be re-building) where as the Dolphins may trade a 7th from this year and maybe a 3rd or second round next year. I would also throw in the Bills here, probably trading their 117th pick and 192nd pick with maybe a 2017 pick as well.

Conclusion: Browns trade down with Miami

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens were a mess last season but did suffer from quite a few injuries and now have also experienced more retirements. They have nine picks to play around with and I think they may take an offer and trade down. They have four fourth round picks and may consider something adding to round 2. I thought the Saints may try and move up but it is a risk with only six picks in the draft. My slightly crazy outside one is the Broncos make a move, they have a few picks to play around with. But actually I think the Titans try and get back into the top 10 and the Ravens are happy to move down for an extra second round pick.

San Fransico 49ers

They have 12 picks and go for the move up to third to take Tunsil, the Chargers take the move for a selection of later round picks and take Ramsey or Conklin.

Denver Broncos

Gent James may dislike this but here goes with my slightly crazy notion of a move. The Broncos have picks 31, 63, 94 and 98 in first three rounds. I think they will sacrifice one third round pick and another pick maybe a late round or maybe one for next year to move up and either take a starting linebacker or most likely a quarterback. At the same time I am not sure where they move up to and who they would switch with. But I think it is within the realms of possibility. My not so crazy notion is that they drop out of round 1 with a swap with the Browns top round 2 pick and the Browns 77 pick. At 31st as James discovered many starters who would be nice targets will have gone but it is possible that as the Browns and Broncos do over-lap in some of their needs, a trade for a player who may not be a starter for the Broncos but would be for the Browns may be a wise move. Or they drop out by taking one of the Titans second and third round picks, the Titans having moved up by trading with the Browns. The Titans then have two first round picks, one second and third round picks. Otherwise really I see the Broncos staying put.

Washington Redskins

This is a team I see dropping out of round 1 by doing a deal with the Patriots who have 11 picks including two second and third round picks. Washington gives up its first for an additional second and third round pick. Having signed Josh Norman, later round picks offer them better cap space management for the future.

New York Giants and Dallas

I actually think they stay put. As much as I think they will take Elliot if he is available I think they will be happy with a cornerback such as Hargreaves or they surprise everyone and take a linebacker. They may also take someone to strengthen their defensive line. All in all I think the Giants stay put. The Cowboys I think will stay put, they have 9 picks and a no.4 is just too good to trade away especially with the players such as Ramsey or Tunsil who could fall their way.

So here is how I see the first round order possibly turning out:

  1. Rams
  2. Eagles
  3. 49ers
  4. Dallas (yes they stay the course)
  5. Jaguars
  6. Titans
  7. Chargers
  8. Dolphins
  9. Buccaneers
  10. Giants
  11. Bears
  12. Saints
  13. Browns
  14. Raiders
  15. Ravens
  16. Lions
  17. Falcons
  18. Colts
  19. Bills
  20. Jets
  21. Patriots
  22. Texans
  23. Vikings
  24. Bengals
  25. Steelers
  26. Seahawks
  27. Packers
  28. Chiefs
  29. Cardinals
  30. Panthers
  31. Titans

If I have got something wrong such as the Patriots are not allowed to trade into round 1 then hey the Broncos move up to 21 or the Titans take that spot. I still think Washington trade out.

This is just my fevered ramblings, but hit us up on twitter or facebook and let us know what you think.

Toodle pip!