My 2017 Draft wish list

The 2017 Draft is almost upon us and, as always, there have been endless predictions as to what we’ll see and who will pick who, where.

I’m not going to try and predict what is going to happen (Dan has already done an excellent job of that in his Mock Draft) but rather, I thought I’d compile 10 things I’d like to see when proceedings get underway on April 27th.

I’m not saying they will happen, or even that they should, it’s just a collection of thoughts as to what might brighten the Draft.

So, without further ado:

Cleveland select Myles Garrett first overall

This wouldn’t be brave, it wouldn’t be a surprise, nor would anyone (in their right mind) complain about or question the pick. Myles Garrett is a generational talent who will no doubt have an impact wherever he lands.

It would be nice to see Cleveland finally get us underway in a Draft with a safe, logical selection that would instantly improve their defense.


Cleveland don’t select Myles Garrett first overall

Yes, they should. Yes, they probably will, but this is Cleveland we are talking about here. I’ve had a nagging feeling for some time that there is scope for them electing to pass on Garrett in favour of a Quarterback first overall. Again.

Expect the internet to break if they do.


Zach Banner to “Shelton” the Commissioner

Danny Shelton’s bear hug of Roger Goodell was one of the enduring images from the 2015 Draft. Zach Banner, however, is 6’8” and 353lbs.

If he decides to celebrate being selected by getting up close and personal with the “Commish” we may need medics on standby to put him back together.


Carolina to trade up to 2

Double edged sword this one as a 49ers fan, but primarily I’d like to see them move up and secure Leonard Fournette. They have a need at the position, not only to give them another (dare I say better) option than Jonathan Stewart but to finally get someone back there that may help prevent Cam Newton getting killed next season.

He’s already recovering from off-season surgery. Another year like last year and he might have to get used to that process.


The Commissioner to drop another “Mar-ee-ow-toh”

It seems the only one not to do his research before Draft day is Goodell himself. After his classic pronunciation of the Titans’ franchise QB you would hope he’s changed his pre-Draft routine to include learning the players names before they are put before him on the card.

Jermaine Eluemunor, Tanoh Kpassagnon, Dare Ogunbowale and Pita Taumoepenu should all present a decent enough challenge for him this time around.


Radio silence from all the top prospects

You’ve worked your butt off for most of your life to become the best in your position. You’ve played through PeeWee, High Schools and College. You’ve been through the Combine, had endless meetings, and you’ve impressed at your Pro Day. Now. Do. NOTHING!

Far too many times we see or hear of one of projected big guns getting caught up in things they really shouldn’t be or shooting themselves in the foot (sometimes literally!) by being so utterly stupid that they jeopardise the biggest pay day they will have ever seen. Don’t do it. Just, don’t.


Jim White contract laryngitis

I wish the man no ill in reality, but someone should tell Sky Sports he doesn’t belong at the Draft. End of.


The 49ers secure Christian McCaffrey

I couldn’t make this list without a true “homer” option. The 49ers have a number of holes in a number of areas, but Kyle Shanahan has made little secret of their apparent intent to select the best players available with their picks.

Whilst there is always the possibility that McCaffrey could be a bust when he makes the next step, but you have to think with his skill set and Shanahan’s preferred playing style that it could be a match made in heaven.


Lots of ticking clocks

Part of the attraction of Draft Day is what might happen behind the scenes as teams jockey for position to secure the players they want. We’ve been largely starved of it in recent drafts, so I hope we see a number of trades and last minute switches from war rooms as they manoeuvre to get their man.



As always, it will be a run of late nights for the UK faithful who want to watch the action live. There is nothing that says Draft night more than bleary eyes and an endless supply of caffeine.