NFL Free Agency 2015: Free Agency Pickups Part 3

I planned to stop at 2…

Anyway let’s look at what I missed yesterday & today’s big moves.

Ryan Mathews – Philadelphia Eagles: Totally jumped the gun yesterday with this one. Anyway now he has actually finally signed despite the addition of Demarco Murray (which we’ll get to later). In Mathews the Eagles get a tough runner if he can stay healthy. Mathews joins a division with Murray, Morris, Williams, Jennings and Vereen at running back. A lot of talent at this position in the NFC East.

Rahim Moore – Houston Texans: It is fair to say that there is a lack of talent available at safety, but the Texans have managed to a starting calibre player to the defensive backfield, that will join, Swearinger, Joseph and Jackson. Depth in the secondary should be a priority for this team.

DeMarco Murray – Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles have never really been out of the headlines this week making a number of head scratching moves. Locking up the offensive player of the year is not one of them. Murray now leads a 3 headed monster containing Ryan Mathews, Darren Sproles and the ex-Cowboy. Some additions to the Eagles receiver corps in the draft and maybe some witchcraft to keep Sam Bradford healthy and the Eagles could take control of the NFC East. By the way, i’ve seen it thrown around that the Eagles traded away McCoy for Alonso and Murray. If this was really one way of looking at you might as well say that the Eagles traded away Nick Foles for Sam Bradford and Ryan Mathews. You have to treat each transaction individually otherwise you can really just warp any situation to look like a good move.

Antonio Cromartie – New York Jets: If this team keeps up picking up ex-players, we might see ‘Broadway Joe’ at QB this year. The Jets have done an outstanding job picking up talent in the secondary. I’ve mentioned in these posts before about how much Todd Bowles loves to line up with 5/6/7 decent sized defensive backs, well now he’s got Buster Skrine, Derelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie, as well as a couple of young players that are yet to shine. If Bowles can bring this all together the Jets could be a very good defence this year.

Brandon Browner – New Orleans Saints: The Saints continue to shop for players on cap credit at the moment, being massively over their ceiling. Browner is a decent locker room presence and a decent corner that will improve an area they have been woefully underwhelming in. The Saints will now be making so pretty sizeable cuts to get under the cap.

Andre Johnson – Indianapolis Colts: Finally… Johnson gets the quarterback he deserves. Johnson probably joins the Colts lower down on the depth chart than he would have been in Houston, but you also have to think he catches more balls and has a decent shot at making a run at the Superbowl.

Antrel Rolle – Chicago Bears: The Bears left it late into day 2 to spring into action, but as most of us were going to bed they finalised a couple of big pickups, first of which being Antrel Rolle. Rolle is a great pickup on and off the field. On the field the Bears have the best safety they’ve had in a long time, an area that has been desperately overlooked. On top of his playing ability Rolle’s locker room presence gives the Bears a natural leader they’ve been missing since Urlacher retired.

Eddie Royal – Chicago Bears: Eddie Royal is the 2nd pick up in quick succession for the Bears. Royal isn’t the superstar the Bears had in Brandon Marshall, but really that’s not a bad thing. Royal adds a specific slot presence that Bears haven’t had since Earl Bennett. An unremarkable, yet solid signing.

Cory Redding – Arizona Cardinals: The Cards have lost a couple of integral pieces on and off the field including Dan Williams, Antonio Cromartie and defensive coordinator, Todd Bowles. Now the rebuilding process begins with the signing of Cory Redding, who had a massively up and down season last year. Redding isn’t exactly the rock this team needs, but is a decent addition.

Terrance Knighton – Washington: Terrance Knighton has been a solid defensive player for the Broncos. Washington pick up a rare commodity, a nose tackle that could actually be a difference maker. This team might actually be on the up.

O’Brien Schofield – Atlanta Falcons: Atlanta have been quietly making some serious moves in free agency to add some depth to their defence. As well as Schofield, the Falcons have added, Justin Durant, Brooks Reed, Adrian Clayborn and Phillip Adams. Depth has been a huge issue for this team and with this selection of players Atlanta could very well change this team’s personality. Schofield himself was criminally overlooked on one of the best defences in the league.

Right that’s part 3 done.

See you tomorrow.