Power Rankings: Week 14

It’s been a while, but I think now is as good a time as any to revisit our power rankings. It feels like it’s taken this long to actually get a grip on where these teams belong. Anyway if you’ve got an opinion on this, feel free to hit us up.

32) Tennessee Titans: Every time the Titans look like they might be turning the corner they seem to get even worse. For me it could be any of these bottom 4 teams that could end up with the 1st pick in the draft, I just think this team is the worst of all of them. Sorry Titans fans, I just think you deserve a better team.

31) Washington: Overdue a 3 year rebuild that was covered up by an exceptionally talented QB who was thrown to the wolves that’s left him half the player he was. Washington, it’s time for some big changes.

30) New York Jets: The Jets are likely to fire Rex Ryan, but really it’s Idzik that’s been the problem. Only too often Rex Ryan’s not been given the tools to work with, yet turned them into a serviceable team. The Jets more than anything need a fresh start. New GM, New Head Coach & New QB.

29) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Bucs have probably got the most holes in the league, which would have them lower down this list, if not for the odd pockets of talent they do have. This was after an Off-Season of picking up new pieces to put together a team of contenders. Now they’re staring down the barrel of yet another rebuild.

28) Jacksonville Jaguars: I honestly don’t know whether this team has improved in the fashion we thought they would. The Offensive Line is woeful, Bortles has been disappointing so far & the Secondary that I had as being one of the top in the league has been nothing short of dreadful. However Gus Bradley does in my eyes deserve at least another year & that this team could pull this together.

27) Oakland Raiders: The Raiders have the skeleton of a good team, now they just need some weapons. The win against the Niners was a good one & genuinely could be a glimpse into the future if they can keep this team together.

26) New York Giants: An instantly forgettable Season bar the unbelievable play of 1 Wide Receiver, who’s covered up a lot of problems for a team that needs a new start.

25) Chicago Bears: If not for the Saints tepid Season, the Bears would surely be the most disappointing team of the year. Emery & Trestman look likely to keep their job, which to me says we might be in for another disappointing Season, as the 2 of them seem to be hanging Cutler & Mel Tucker to dry.

24) Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings have to see this Season as something of a success. Their Defence looks to be growing into something that could be a bit special, Bridgewater looks like an NFL ready QB & a number of young players have presented themselves as weapons. Now all they need a decent Offensive Line.

23) Carolina Panthers: The Season we expected for the Panthers. Disappointing Receivers, awful Offensive Line play & dreadful choices at Running Back. Yet they are still in the running for the NFC South.

22) Cleveland Browns: The Browns were a spark away from winning the game against the Colts, something that Hoyer couldn’t provide. Now Manziel has a chance to be the missing piece the Browns need. If that doesn’t happen, that will be 2 2014 1st Round Picks that have been a bust. Not cool Cleveland.

21) San Francisco 49ers: They could plummet down this list if they keep playing the way they have been. This team is toxic & is desperate for a fresh start without all the players & coaches causing trouble. The Defence is still good though.

20) Buffalo Bills: Like the Niners, the Bills have an exceptional Defence. But the Offence has been poor & it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better, thanks to a lack of a 1st Rd. pick this year & the amount of money they’ve given Orton to be ordinary.

19) Houston Texans: The Texans have defied odds to be a Playoff contender this year. Fitzpatrick has played out of his skin & kept them in playoff contention. Arian Foster makes their Offence close to Play off worthy, behind an Offensive Line that’s had an unreal Season. On Defence the play of JJ Watt has made up for a 1st Rd. Pick that’s struggled to see playing time. Whether this team makes the play offs or not, Texans fans can be happy this team has the building blocks of something special.

18) Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins have silenced a lot of critics this year after a poor start to the Season. But as the end draws closer it feels like it’s becoming clearer that this team are pretenders rather than contenders. That being said this team has made significant steps in the right direction. If they don’t make the Play offs this year, they are surely heading there in the next couple of Seasons.

17) New Orleans Saints: Every time we think this team is about to hit some form they seem to lose in an increasingly spectacular manner. The Saints aren’t a Playoff team that might somehow see some time in the Play offs. Very disappointing Season for the Saints.

16) Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons are similar to the Saints, however just a little less disappointing on Offence. They could do with bringing in some players on the trenches (again).

15) Kansas City Chiefs: They find ways to win playing old school football, that deserves some credit, also having Jamaal Charles & Justin Houston doesn’t hurt.

14) San Diego Chargers: San Diego’s Season has had more twists & turns than a Soap Opera, now they’re on the cusp of actually making the Play offs. There are some obvious holes in this team that have been covered up by great QB play, but still they’ll have to go some to lose a spot in the Play offs.

13) St Louis Rams: The Rams deserve a lot of credit for turning this Season round & although they really won’t be making the Play offs, they deserve to be this high up on the Power Rankings. The Rams do however seem to do this every year, make us believe they’re a QB away from being a Playoff calibre team, then bring in the same injury prone QB who is replaced by a backup that takes 3 or 4 games to settle in. Here’s hoping the Rams can keep it together next Season.

12) Cincinnati Bengals: I like all of the teams in the AFC North, but I couldn’t categorically say I trust any of them in any game to get the win, it feels like we’ve seen all these teams lose to many games to bad teams to trust them. The Bengals look set to make the Play offs, but the moment everyone will have been waiting for will be in the Play offs & seeing if they can actually get that illusive win.

11) Arizona Cardinals: I have no idea how they keep getting wins. All I know is they do, despite a ridiculous stream of injuries they still have one of the best records in the league. If Bruce Arians doesn’t win Coach of the Year I’ll be very surprised.

10) Detroit Lions: The Offence seems to be slowly warming up & at just the right time, meaning we might just see a hell of a game when they play the Packers at the end of the Season.

9) Pittsburgh Steelers: Beat the good teams convincingly, lose to the bad teams. There is no question there is talent on this team, but inconsistency could see them miss the Play offs.

8) Dallas Cowboys: I might be a little high on this team, but the way they bounced back from the loss on Thanksgiving was very impressive. If the Cowboys miss out on the Play offs, they should feel proud of putting a team together that has performed far better than anyone expected.

7) Baltimore Ravens: Probably the most complete team in the AFC North, but much like the others not without their weaknesses. The Ravens can probably feel a little hard done by if they miss out on the Play offs.

6) Indianapolis Colts: Their O-line is awful, genuinely awful. Yet they keep winning on the back of one of the best QB in the league. They have fallen back into being the best bad team in the league.

5) Philadelphia Eagles: Having no answers against the Seahawks says less about the Eagles & more about the Seahawks. The Eagles are a project & no matter how much of a “genius”, Chip Kelly is, it might take some time before they become the real contenders.

4) Denver Broncos: These top 4 teams are clearly the top 4. Which order they should be in, I’m not sure, the only thing I can say, is that I think the Broncos are probably the worst of the 4, but on their day I have to think they stand as good a chance as any.

3) Seattle Seahawks: The way the Seahawks have recovered their Season has been very impressive. This could genuinely be the best Defence in the league & whilst everyone bangs on about just how good the Packers are (& they are), I have to think the Seahawks could put up a pretty good fight against them.

2) Green Bay Packers: Okay Packers fans let me have it. The difference between the Packers & the Patriots? The Secondary. Last week’s game against the Falcons had me slightly concerned. Yes the Packers won at Lambeau but on a neutral field, I have to think it’s a lot closer.

1) New England Patriots: The single most complete team in the league & that’s what won the Seahawks the league last year.


I’m fully prepared for some hate on this one, but remember guys it’s just a list of my opinions. I would love some feedback though so hit us up.