Power Rankings: Week 15

This is definitely getting easier…Maybe

32) Washington Redskins

Playoffs to worst in the league. I seriously think we’ll hear some stories at the end of the season.

31) Houston Texans

Kubiak gone and we’ll see if it makes a difference to a good team that play badly.

30) Buffalo Bills

They seem to have lost interest in the season. It’s not the first time it’s happened and they will have to answer some serious questions before the start of next season.

29) Oakland Raiders

The nucleus of good team exists here. Give it time Raiders fans, they will come good.

28) New York Jets

Good result last week won’t mask some serious issues that desperately need sorting. If Geno is not the answer at QB someone will have to pay.

27) Atlanta Falcons

Should have been a playoff contender, now a no. 1 pick contender. Expect some serious changes in the Off Season

26) Cleveland Browns

Great performance against the Patriots. They just look like a much better team with Campbell in charge.

25) Minnesota Vikings

Another close loss for the Vikings. They are probably a decent QB away from being a good team in a bad Division.

24) Jacksonville Jaguars

Yup they’re this high up. They’re in the Playoff hunt don’t you know….

23) New York Giants

They were on fire…then they lost it in the last game. Kind of a wasted season for this team.

22) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

A really good team here, playing really well. Schiano should keep his job.

21) Green Bay Packers

A very important result this weekend for the Packers. If Rodgers makes it back for the next 3 games, they could make the Playoffs and possibly do quite well.

20) St Louis Rams

The worst team in the NFC West, but still a pretty great team. Definitely have the corp for a team that could win a few games, but probably still come last in the Division.

19) Tennessee Titans

I really like this team still and if the rumours are true, Cutler would be a great addition.

18) Pittsburgh Steelers

Literally inches away from a win with a magical play. But that game could have kept them out of the Playoffs. The bad start might cause them to make a few Coaching changes.

17) San Diego Chargers

Up and down, up and down…

16) Indianapolis Colts

They refuse to score in the first half and love coming from a deficit.

15) Miami Dolphins

On a serious run at the moment and easily favourites for the final AFC Playoff spot.

14) Arizona Cardinals

Probably one of the most improved teams in the league. Bruce Arians deserves a Coach of the Year Nomination.

13) Dallas Cowboys

Great Offence. Awful Defence. If they don’t make the Playoffs (and they probably won’t), then Jason Garrett is in serious danger of being out of a job.

12) Detroit Lions

Another up and down season for the Lions and an inability to close games could cost them a Playoff spot.

11) Baltimore Ravens

It looks like this team might have hit some form and at the right time. Ultimately though a lack of run game might cost them the Playoffs.

10) Chicago Bears

Great result this weekend and they could very well be heading to the Playoffs. That being said and despite an incredible Offence, this Defence could cost them any more than one play off win.

9) Cincinnati Bengals

If Dalton plays well, then they stand as good a chance as any of hitting the Superbowl. But that’s a pretty big ‘if’.

8) Kansas City Chiefs

Much improved team despite a few losses recently. Alex Smith can lead this team to a few Playoff wins.

7) Philadelphia Eagles

Still on a hot streak. Looking forward to seeing what they do against some strong competition.

6) New England Patriots

All they do is win. Gronk is a huge loss though.

5) Carolina Panthers

Bad result this weekend but still a great team.

4) New Orleans Saints

Great result this weekend. The Defence looks like its found some form.

3) San Francisco 49ers

Deservedly moving up the Power Rankings and now look like a team that could win the Superbowl.

2) Seattle Seahawks

Yeah they lost to the Niners, but still one of the most naturally talented teams in the league.

1) Denver Broncos

I think if Peyton proved anything in the last game, it is that he really wants it this year and they look as good as any team to do it.


And that’s it. Listen out for the pod and I’ll see you soon.