Power Rankings: Week 16

It is a real battle at the bottom for the worst team award, who will it be? The truly awful Texans or the Redskins, whose Head Coach already has a foot out the door. Oh and some teams look awesome.


32) Washington Redskins

Yup the worst team in the league. They will need some serious work in the Off-Season to pull them out of their funk.

31) Houston Texans

Truly incredible team on paper, but bad coaching has seen this team hit a serious low. A fresh view from the coaches should see this team back on track.

30) Oakland Raiders

The Nucleus of a good team that is in desperate need of some weapons.

29) Atlanta Falcons

Massive changes need to be made for the Falcons. They need to change from a win now team, to a well based team set for the future.

28) New York Giants

This team has so many holes. Eli Manning needs to find his mojo next season or it could be a change at QB.

27) New York Jets

Good Geno seems to have returned, but for how long?

26) Buffalo Bills

An inconsistent team that seems to take their foot off at every opportunity. A serious change in mentality needs to happen for this team to make moves next year.

25) Cleveland Browns

Endless draft picks will probably see this team turn the corner next year. Bad luck might hold them back though!

24) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

They’ve done enough to probably keep Schiano in a job. Whether that is a good thing or not remains to be seen.

23) Jacksonville Jaguars

From worst to this. Jags fans you can be a little proud of your young team that should make strides in the future.

22) Tennessee Titans

I still like this team and am growing particularly fond of their Receiving Corp. They seem to be a QB away from making some waves.

21) Minnesota Vikings

Probably the most underrated team in the league and they always seem to cause problems for some of the bigger teams in the league. They just need that spark to take them over the edge.

20) Dallas Cowboys

Awful, awful Defence. But Offence is pretty good still, despite a case of the chokes in the last game. A change in coaching will be exactly what this team needs.

19) St Louis Rams

Another massively underrated team. Great Defence and just desperately need a QB to become challengers in a very difficult Division.

18) Green Bay Packers

When Rodgers comes back, they shoot up this chart.

17) San Diego Chargers

Their up and down nature has kept them from the Playoffs this year. Next season with some more well placed draft picks, they can take the next step.

16) Pittsburgh Steelers

Wow started at the bottom and now they’re here. Missing the Playoff, but look to improve next year.

15) Detroit Lions

Desperately need a Coaching change. With the right Coach, they become a decent Playoff team.

14) Arizona Cardinals

Another exceptionally underrated team and could actually keep the Niners out of the Playoffs.

13) Baltimore Ravens

Improved form, although this week they can thank the Right foot of Mr Tucker.

12) Cincinnati Bengals

I just can’t make up my mind about this team. Clearly they’re incredible on paper, but just seem to want to shoot themselves in the foot.

11) Chicago Bears

One of the best Offences in the league, coupled with one of the worst Defences. Which could keep them from a Playoff spot.

10) Indianapolis Colts

A great team with moments of awful. This will probably ultimately keep them from Super bowl victory.

9) Philadelphia Eagles

Hot streak is over, but they are still excellent. Once again I think they might be a season or 2 away from a Super bowl.

8) Miami Dolphins

One of the hot teams at the moment. It would be criminal if they don’t make the Playoff.

7) New Orleans Saints

A truly great team, that seems to find silly ways of losing every now and then.

6) Carolina Panthers

A great team that had a bad result against the Saints a couple of weeks ago. Cam could get them at least a Playoff team.

5) New England Patriots

Yup still up here, I still have them for the Super bowl, despite all their short comings.

4) Denver Broncos

Hmmm, I just think we might be seeing the beginnings of a drop off, which should kick in, in the Playoffs.

3) Kansas City Chiefs

Defence might have dropped off a little, but the Offence is on fire.

2) San Francisco 49ers

Second best NFC West team, second best team. Could be one of very few teams that could beat the Seahawks.

1) Seattle Seahawks

A complete team, amazing in all areas. Could still lose in the Playoffs.


Any opinions are always welcome, so hit me up!