Pre Season Week 2 Part 2

Here it is folks. Part 2 of Week 2. Lets get straight into it

Dallas Cowboys 7 Arizona Cardinals 12

Terrible start to this game for the Cowboys, but some how they weathered the storm and only allowed 3 pts. It seemed that on Offence there was a touch of rust. Eventually though they settled down and looked pretty good. Dez Bryant is worth another mention after another decent game. He is set to do something special. We didn’t mention him last week on the podcast but we really should. He had a lot of problems prior to last season, clubbing too much, altercations with his own mum amongst a wealth of other issues. Anyway, he had been pretty much given up on by everyone, bar the Cowboys. Last season Dez didn’t go anywhere without an entourage looking after him keeping him on the straight and narrow. Nowadays he keeps himself to himself and lets his natural ability do the talking. Worth pointing out, that in this game he was up against elite corner Patrick Peterson and regularly beat him. In general the Cowboys Offence looked like they could cause a few problems for the NFC East. I love this Defence. LOVE THEM. They look hungry, they can cover the back field and get so much pressure on the QB, most run plays we’re stuffed and they kept the Cardinals to zero touchdowns. It is worth pointing out however that the Cowboys need to sort out their turnover issues if they are to stand even a slim chance of being successful.

What we saw of the Cardinals starting Offence, looked good. Palmer seems to be in sync with Roberts and Fitzgerald and can gain yards at a great pace. I worry however about Mendenhall as a no. 1 back, he has a history with injuries and he’s never really impressed me, when playing for the Steelers. The Cards in this game also had issues punching the ball into the Redzone. Something for Arians to worry about before the start of the season. The Defence struggled to stop the run, and get pressure on the QB. They did however slow down the pass plays and managed to create a ridiculous amount of turnovers. This Secondary is worth keeping your eye on. The Cards should do better than last season, but is that good enough to take them above the Seahawks and the Niners? I seriously doubt it.

Tennessee Titans 19 Cincinnati Bengals 27

Jake Locker. I don’t get it. I watch this game and I see a player who is far too keen to role out to the left and has serious accuracy issues past 10 yard passes. Luckily he has Chris Johnson. I think I might have been wrong about Johnson on the podcast, I think he is set for a huge season. He seems to be Lockers favourite target judging by this game. I do however still think Greene will have a decent season. If Locker isn’t doing much I think they’re in a pretty good situation with their back-up. Fitzpatrick might be the guy to include the likes of Britt in the Offence. But I guess we’ll see if Locker can improve throughout the season. A secondary I loved in the last game, looked a little more average in this game, mainly caused by a Defensive Line that couldn’t put any pressure on Dalton or stop the run. I still like this team and think they’ll improve throughout the season. But probably not enough to keep up with the Colts and Texans.

Andy Dalton could be in one of the best positions in the league. He has a decent set of Running Backs, Exceptional Receivers and maybe one of the best Offensive Lines in the league. Mohamed Sanu had a standout game. He seems to be the best slot option Dalton has and is great at getting yards after catch. But we are left wondering if Dalton has the skill set to lead this team deep into post-season. Defence looked good, out a lot of pressure on Locker and took advantage of weak accuracy against his Wideouts. The AFC North is getting kinda crowded with Play-off contenders.

Jacksonville Jaguars 13 New York Jets 37

As I said ‘this game has 3-3 written all over it’…so I might have been a little wrong, it happens. The scoreline wasn’t the only thing I was wrong about here. Gabbert played great and earned (and I mean that) himself the starting role. I don’t think he’ll turn into Marino, but he looks a solid starter from what we saw in this game. Welcome return for Jones-Drew as well who looked pretty good and is set for a decent season this year. Robinson looked pretty handy as a back-up if Jones-Drew does go down. Blackmon came on and looked like the Receiver they drafted. It’s just a shame they’ll be without him for a few games. The Defence might be a different story. Last week I saw a heavy hitting D, that wasn’t afraid to get stuck in. This week they seemed to have an inability to tackle, letting the Jets (yup the Jets), run all over them.

Despite some obvious improvements. It’s going to be a long season for the Jags. We all saw this happening right? the Jets putting 37 pts on a team…no? well me neither. Sanchez did a lot of good things in this game, but what he did bad will be highlighted, as was demonstrated by the Jets fans who began to boo the interception he threw in the endzone. It does however look like he might have fallen into the starting role, with Smith being out with an injury. Will he keep it throughout the season? Probably not, but I can’t say I’ve seen a great deal of impressive play from Geno Smith. Bilal Powell seemed to be the story for this Offence. Made some great runs and some great catches. He will be a huge part of this Offence, if they are to have any success this year. The Defence seemed improved from last week. If they are to have any success this year, this team need to keep scores low. Despite an impressive scoreline, I still don’t believe this team will be any higher than no. 4 in their division.

Miami Dolphins 17 Houston Texans 24

This game will of course be overshadowed by an awful injury to Dustin Keller, that could be potentially be career threatening. It’s impossible to avoid talking about it, so I’ll get through it quickly. It was an unfortunate football incident. There is no way Swearinger went into that thinking he wanted to take Keller out of the game. Maybe he tackled low and hard in a game that wasn’t important, but he is trying to avoid the head which leads to fines and suspensions. Any way, lets talk about the game. Tannehill looked like he had improved from the last couple of games as did Mike Wallace. The running game was virtually non-existent which has to be a worry for this team. The Defensive front looked sharp, caused lots of pressure, but the Secondary allowed a lot of yards through the air. Proving there is a lot left to do in Miami.

Above I talked about the Keller injury, so here I should really talk about the Antonio Brown helmet swing. Yes, Incognito is a dirty player and yes the league does need to look into how he plays the game, but you can’t take a swing at a player with a helmet. If that connects, you won’t just be facing a suspension, but possible criminal charges. So a 3 game suspension is probably fair, especially since only 1 is a regular season game. So to the game. I like the Texans QB situation, Schaub is backed up by both Keenum and Yates and they both look pretty good. LeStar Jean looks like he might step up as receiver, as did DeAndre Hopkins, despite suffering a concussion. They also look pretty set at Running Back with Tate and Karim hopefully being able to cover to till Foster comes back. The Texans Defence look scary. They got some serious pressure and managed to mop up any passes that beat the rush with a decent secondary. This team could be a contender.

Green Bay Packers 19 St Louis Rams 7

Who said Green Bay couldn’t run? Well…me, but it looks like they might have turned the corner with Eddie Lacy. I’ve always said, you can tell a good runner by the yards they get that they really shouldn’t have, from breaking tackles and generally just forcing their way forward. He s most definitely that. Aaron Rodgers did his usual thing of turning some receivers no-one had heard of into superstars. The Defence looked great all over. They didn’t get great pressure but managed to stop the Rams gaining yards, including a goal-line stop.

The Rams looked better than the score suggests. Bradford made some good throws including a couple to Running Backs Richardson & Pead. We saw Tayvon Austin step up in this game too, making some impressive catches. The Rams got some decent pressure on Defence and chased Rodgers out of the pocket a few times. Aside from some impressive Eddie Lacy runs the Defence did a good job of containing the Packers. Good game, but could be the worst team in the NFC West.

Denver Broncos 10 Seattle Seahawks 40

This is surely a game Denver want to forget. Manning looked pretty good even under a ridiculous amount of pressure. The main issue for the Broncos was the amount of Fumbles they gave up and put the ball in the hands of a dangerous Offence in great position. From last week where all of the Broncos Running Backs looked great, this week they looked pedestrian, this could be an issue for this Offence. On Defence looked average. Russell Wilson managed to throw all over them at short-range and I worry a little about their D-Backs. One final point about this team. They suffered a lot of injuries, that thankfully don’t look too serious, so Welker, Bailey and Wolfe, should all be fine for the start of the regular season.

If anyone was wondering what I’ve been eating this week it is mostly my words. So there really is no denying that Wilson had a good game. The Broncos seemed to bite on the Play Action nearly every time, giving Wilson time to zip the ball out at short-range. What I liked most about his game, was how comfortable he was as a pocket passer, in fact he only ran once. My only complaint with his game was his inaccuracy at throwing deep passes, this however isn’t a huge issue unless the Hawks go down a couple of scores in games and he tries to force it. Shout out to Tavaris Jackson again, who is beginning to look like one of the best back-ups in the league. It is worth noting I’m still not on board until I can see him do this regularly during the season, but it is encouraging. Now to my new pet hate about this team. I saw at least 4 tackles that should have been called for illegal hits. Players regularly leading with their head seemed to be the big issue and NOT ONCE did it get called. Take that away and this is still a dominant Defence and a great team in all aspects of the game. Can’t wait to see them during the regular season. If the play this good, there’s no reason they couldn’t win the Superbowl.

Indianapolis Colts 20 New York Giants 12

I have been giving everyone who would listen my opinion about Andrew Luck. Whilst Wilson and RG3 had flashy seasons last year, I think the real star for the future is Andrew Luck and I saw nothing that would make me think otherwise in this game. Luck managed to get the ball to a number of receivers with ease. The run game however, seemed to take a step back, all of the backs struggled to gain any kind of yardage and had zero impact on this game. The Defence is a worry for this team too They missed tackles and allowed some big yardage throughout the game. However they did manage to get pressure on Eli and managed 6 sacks through out this game. I like this team to continue improving, particularly the Offence, but they might just miss the play-offs.

The Giants looked pretty balanced in this game. Eli Was dropping bombs and both Brown and Wilson made some headway in the running game. There are so many decent Receivers on this team, it could be a situation where Eli’s favourite pass option is whoever is open. The Defence looked great again, dominating the line and putting some serious pressure on the Colts QB’s. There really isn’t much to say here…they look really good!

Pittsburgh Steelers 13 Washington Redskins 24

I have some serious concerns about Pittsburgh this year on Offence. The O-line is terrible. There is no way round it, it’s just awful. Roethlisberger is STILL holding on to the ball to long and taking unnecessary hits and Bell looks like one of those players that will suffer multiple injuries throughout a season. On the plus side Brown and Sanders both look great and might be the difference makers for this team. I worry about this Defence too. If Polamalu is playing (and playing like Polamalu), then they should be fine. But what if he isn’t? What if he gets injured? Then this team might be in trouble.

If RG3 goes down, the Redskins have Cousins…So what if Cousins goes down? RG1. yup Rex Grossman came in the game and played pretty good. Good games also from Morris and Helu at Running Back and Hankerson and Robinson a Receiver. It is however a bit of a concern if both RG3 goes down and then Cousins does. Hopefully nothing to do with scheme and just some bad luck. The Defence looked good too causing endless problems for Roethlisberger and all the Running Backs. On occasions in the secondary however they would let Sanders and Brown get away from them. This team should be good for the play offs but probably through the wildcard.

SO that’s week 2 in the bag…week 3 starts tomorrow. We should see almost full games from the starters so this is interesting!

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