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Friday Round Up

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for our weekly round-up of news as we head into the Week 2 games.

A Gentlemanly Kickoff

Welcome to the début episode of the Gridiron Gentlemen podcast. In our inaugural week, we take a detailed look at the option play, put 2012’s freshman quarterbacks under the microscope, and look ahead to what promises to be a blistering season in 2013

Training Camp 2013/14

I would imagine that there are a lot fans like me. Throughout May, June and July, soaking up any small amount of NFL they can. Starting new seasons on Madden, listening to American Football podcasts that you’ve already listened to saying “its my favourite episode”. It feels like it will...

Some (very) early power rankings part 1

So the 2012 season has come to a close and as staff of the superdome are just finishing sweeping up confetti and as Jim Harbaugh has stopped gesticulating like a strange hybrid of Kermit the Frog and a hyperactive toddler at a wedding, I thought it was time to make some...