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The Ever Reliable Green Bay Packers

Despite making the Divisional round of the playoffs and a 10-6 record, 2015 will go down as a bit of a lost Season for a Green Bay team that has rarely struggled to get results over the last couple of decades.

Saturday’s Divisional Match-up Preview

It’s been a while, but now that life has slowed down somewhat I thought I’d share a few thoughts on this weekend’s Divisional action, a weekend that ordinarily deals out some of the more tense match-ups and the last time we’ll have more than 2 match-ups in a weekend, so...

NFL Week 2 Review.

I’m still yet to stumble on the perfect way to do this. So let’s try a few points for each team from each game and where they are after a 2nd watch of all the week 2 games.

Dan’s Top Ten Quarterbacks heading into the 2015 Season

With Dylan’s list of quarterbacks going up earlier this week and with us covering it on the upcoming podcast, we thought it would be fun to add a different perspective. Much like Dylan I’ve taken into account stats but don’t believe you can tell how good a QB is just...

Dylan’s top 10 quarterbacks heading into 2015/16

In this article, I will be revealing who I have determined to be the top 10 players at the most important position in football heading into the 2015/16 season. Before we dive in, although I will freely admit to using statistics as an important factor in my judgment of a...