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A Look at the 2015 Houston Texans

There is no denying that the Texans have one of the great all time players on their roster, but what about the rest of the team? What happens without Arian Foster? Could this be the worst team in the AFC South? Time to take a look at Houston.

Dylan’s top 10 running backs entering 2015

Like my top 10 quarterbacks and wide receivers lists, the choices made for the top 10 running backs heading into the new season are based on statistical evidence, historic performance and the strength of the team and coaching system around them. It is also to be noted this is a...

Simon’s Top 10 Running Backs Heading into the 2015 NFL Season

The aerial assault seems to be the favoured option of many in the NFL these days, but what about the ground attack? Once the bastion of an offensive coordinator’s plan, the workhorse running back is a breed seemingly facing extinction. In 2013, 22 different running backs had upwards of 200...