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Week 5’s Jekyll or Hydes

Week 4 in the NFL and again, some interesting results. There were a few standout games for me, involving teams who can’t decide whether they are contenders or not. I’ve looked at the game film a bit more closely to try and understand what’s going on.

Travis Fredrick; you da real MVP

There have been many debates about the fabled Cowboys offensive line and who is the best player on that line. Some have postulated that Left tackle Tyron Smith is the best player. He was voted the 39th best player in the league in the annual players poll. Some have argued that...

Dylan’s top 10 offensive lines heading into 2015/16

We’ve broken down all the ‘skill’ positions on the offensive side of the ball, so now it’s time to turn our attention to the big unsung heroes who make all the exciting plays possible. Whether it’s in protecting the quarterback or creating open lanes for running backs to exploit, offensive lines often...

Dan has a problem with the Buffalo Bills cheerleaders

They said it would never happen, but the Gridiron Gentlemen have defied gods and men to return triumphant with Episode 2. This week, a detailed dissection of the Cornerback position and the first round of our knockout competition to find Russ a team worth following.