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The Gridiron Gentlemen Super Fun Prediction League: Week 1

It’s that time again… It’s the annual Gridiron Gentlemen super fun prediction league. This year there’s a few differences. We’ll be asking for score predictions as a tie-breaker, also we’ll be running an eliminator pool (they’ll be in capitals). Finally the winner of the league this year wins a £20...

Dan’s look at the 2015 Jacksonville Jaguars

The AFC South is not short of teams that need a change of fortune. The Titans are looking for immediate changes from a superstar college QB. The Texans have built up a defence of very big men and the Colts have added some experience to help Andrew Luck. So how...

Training with the Jaguars

We were lucky enough to attend a training session with the Jacksonville Jaguars at the weekend. Despite reasons of age, skill or general fitness we (well, Duncan) padded up and got stuck in – see how we got on in this video.