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Draft 2020: Inside Linebacker

Let’s start by saying sorry for the radio silence. Getting everything in order has proved to be, well a bit of a faff. Anyway expect us to be incredibly vocal on the site until we get the pod up and running. Anyway lets dive into my favourite off the ball...

Draft 2019: NFC West Review

With the draft over, I thought I’d take a look at the haul from every team, by division. I didn’t really want to give all the teams grades (never been a fan of that), but wanted to look at the player potential and where the teams still have needs. The...

Draft 2019: Round 1 Review

Whilst there were some standout picks, it felt like a relatively uneventful draft. Uneventful, but solid. As expected, if teams wanted to get better in the trenches, this was the draft for them. Let’s take a look.