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The Tanking Power Rankings

The one thing the 2019 season is proving is this is the season to tank. Tis the season to be tanking and so many teams around the league are trying their best to not win games, whether intentionally or not, that I thought we couldn’t let it slide. So with...

Week 5’s Jekyll or Hydes

Week 4 in the NFL and again, some interesting results. There were a few standout games for me, involving teams who can’t decide whether they are contenders or not. I’ve looked at the game film a bit more closely to try and understand what’s going on.

New York Giants: Awkward

New York Giants Last year: 6-10 3rd in NFC East Awkward. There were quite a few awkward moments for the New York Giants last year, I would list them but I cant be arsed to refer to every single Alan Partridge-esque occurence because that would be petty. But over the...