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Every Teams Top Performing Rookie: NFC

Every year at the Gents clubhouse we put in a ton of work leading up to the draft, picking apart the rookies and judging how good a fit they’ll be in their respective teams. SO in an effort to fill the void of the off-season, here is part one of...

Free Agency Craziness: AFC & NFC North

Last week free agency opened to a kind of complete and utter craziness I have never seen before. It was like all the players names were thrown in the air and they ended up on completely different rosters.

Trying to Get Their Lions Share

The NFC North is a tough division. Ok lets be honest the NFC is tough. Nearly every team has got better and I would say at least 14 teams are in with a shot of 6 playoff spots. One team that seems to have done a great job of putting...