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Yeah guys, I'm called Megatron now

Three is the magic number as we get misty-eyed over Hall of Fame inductees, dive into preseason and stir up some trouble looking at how disruptive players can affect their team.

Dan has a problem with the Buffalo Bills cheerleaders

They said it would never happen, but the Gridiron Gentlemen have defied gods and men to return triumphant with Episode 2. This week, a detailed dissection of the Cornerback position and the first round of our knockout competition to find Russ a team worth following.

A Gentlemanly Kickoff

Welcome to the d├ębut episode of the Gridiron Gentlemen podcast. In our inaugural week, we take a detailed look at the option play, put 2012’s freshman quarterbacks under the microscope, and look ahead to what promises to be a blistering season in 2013