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Draft 2020: Quarterbacks

We’re nearly there! This year’s draft brings us some potentially great QBs, some interesting QBs, some safe QBs and some true QB fliers. This is one of my favourite QB classes I can remember, so lets take a look at them!

QB Watch: Week 1

Going into week 1 there were some storylines that I was very interested to see how they played out. For a selection of quarterbacks, this is an important season. On one hand you have some seasoned veterans who need to prove they have what it takes to lead a team...

Week 3 Fantasy: The danger of averages

This was started after the Thursday night game, just to keep it as fresh as possible as we look to week 3 and well week 2 was certainly interesting. In all I went 5-1, with the Gents teams going 3-1 again, so not bad really. This week I will again...

Mid season headline acts: part 1

Having looked at teams records and made some bold predictions, in this look at the season so and to add to the plethora of reviews, I will take a different look at specific players, popular ones and key players to different teams. Who is carving a path to glory? Who...

A Gentlemanly Kickoff

Welcome to the d├ębut episode of the Gridiron Gentlemen podcast. In our inaugural week, we take a detailed look at the option play, put 2012’s freshman quarterbacks under the microscope, and look ahead to what promises to be a blistering season in 2013