Tailgate Knight’s NFL Spread week 14 Tips

I went 6-10 and finished bottom in my spread pool for this week, and boys from Chicago got crushed on Thanksgiving. My Dad is now sitting twice in the rankings, just two points behind the leader board at 107-85, while I slip back down, going under .500 at 95-97. Not good at all.

On the plus side, I won at fantasy football and regardless what happens this weekend I am in the playoffs for the first time in my FF career. Plus I scored a 2-1 for my three spread tips for last week.

The Eagles crushed the Cowboys on Thanksgiving 33-10 with Philly having a -3.5 spread. The Luck vs RGiii game never happened and Luck cruised his team (and my FF team) to victory 49-27. The Colts were giving up 9.5 points.

I thought I was going to hit 3 for 3 with the Cardinals at the Falcons with a -2.5 spread, but the Falcons got their game in gear finally and knocked up a good win at 18-29.

Week 14 Spread Lines

Cowboys at Bears +3.5

Giants at Titans +0.5

Bucs at Lions -9.5

Jets at Vikings -5.5

Rams at Washington +2.5

Ravens at Dolphins -2.5

Colts at Browns +3.5

Panthers at Saints -9.5

Texans at Jaguars +5.5

Steelers at Bengals -3.5

Bills at Broncos -10.5

Chiefs at Cardinals -1.5

Seahawks at Eagles -1.5

49ers at Raiders -7.5

Patriots at Chargers +3.5

Falcons at Packers -11.5

My picks for week 14

Giants at -0.5 over the Titans

You don’t get beat by the Jaguars and not come out hungry the next week. The Titans are a below average team and the Giants will rack up the score.

Colts at -3.5 over the Browns

Hey the Browns are a really improved team this year and are gunning for a wild card spot even though they are sitting at the bottom of this very tight division. Though despite their improvements, the Colts with Andrew Luck are so hot plus they themselves will be looking for a first round bye. Colts will win big

Chiefs at +1.5 over the Cardinals

I know the Cardinals have the better record, but the Cardinals were beat last week by the Falcons and the Chiefs are starting to heat up, while the Cardinals are on the decline. The Chiefs are a risky bet here, but I like what i saw recently and have gone for the punt on this one.

Agree/disagree of have any Spread tips or thoughts, let @tailgateknight know

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