The Early…EARLY Power Rankings

This evening I sat at home thinking what would be the most absurd thing I could do. I mean I haven’t been called an idiot in a while. So with that in mind I decided to sit and come up with a power rankings for next season entirely based on what we have seen so far. Remember, these have precisely zero influence on next season and they are just my opinion.

32) Cleveland Browns

Last season it felt like they were making baby steps in the right direction. For next season they have had a complete overhaul which could very well be for the worse. Firing a Head Coach after one season is always a head scratcher to me and whilst I think Pettine is a great hire at Head Coach. Kyle Shanahan as Offensive Coordinator is a head scratcher.

31) Oakland Raiders

They have a lot of cap space to prove me wrong but I think they are at least another season away from being a decent team.

30) Washington Redskins

Whilst I like the Jay Gruden hire, this team has a lot of holes and limited space to fix them. RGIII needs to step up or this team are in trouble.

29) Buffalo Bills

Pettine will be a huge loss after a season where he seemed to get the most from fairly nameless guys. EJ Manuel could be their weak link.

28) Minnesota Vikings

Mike Zimmer is a good hire and Norv Turner as Offensive Coordinator is a great move. But this team has a lot of aging pieces. I think this might be a rebuilding year in its strictest meaning.

27) Jacksonville Jaguars

I honestly think they might finish higher, but right now I can’t justifiably put any other teams below. I actually really like what they’re doing in Jacksonville, I just think they might be another season away.

26) Tennessee Titans

I love the Whisenhunt hire. Like most teams I think it will take a season to adjust and get the right pieces in. That being said, one of these teams is bound to make the playoffs.

25) New York Jets

I have a strong feeling they might surprise people this year, but until I see more evidence of that, they are here.

24) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I love Lovie. Its pretty much that simple. Expect a far more competent display on Defence. Also it’s make or break for Glennon.

23) Atlanta Falcons

Ryan having his favourite weapons should help, but on Defence they need a lot of work.

22) New York Giants

This team need to have a massive overhaul on Offence. Receivers, Running Backs and the line need serious work…possibly even the QB.

21) Baltimore Ravens

Could prove me wrong, but freeing up some cap space will be vital for this team to perform this year.

20) St Louis Rams

A slowly improving team. I think they are nearly there.

19) Miami Dolphins

A young inexperienced team should learn from their mistakes and do a lot better this season

18) Pittsburgh Steelers

If not for a slow start they would have made the playoffs. They have an old Defence that needs work, but a truly explosive Offence. Expect a better season next year.

17) San Diego Chargers

Last years achievements were great, but you have to question if they can do it again next season. I don’t think so. Still a huge achievement.

16) Chicago Bears

They need to make some huge moves on Defence. But I think they will and I think they could sneak into the playoffs.

15) Cincinnati Bengals

Coaching changes are what has them dropping with me slightly. Still an exceptional team though.

14) Indianapolis Colts

I cannot make my mind up about this team. Still a lot of holes and no first round pick.

13) Carolina Panthers

Huge step forward last season. I expect them to stay at the same level for the coming season. Cam needs weapons though.

12) Detroit Lions

I said I thought the coaching was the problem and I’m sticking with it. I imagine we’ll see a huge improvement this year.

11) Arizona Cardinals

With a stronger start to the season, this team could have kept one of the their divisional counterparts out of the playoffs. I think they take the next step this year and make the post season…maybe.

10) Houston Texans

New Head Coach, new ethos, first round pick, elite players at every position. Expect a huge improvement.

9) New Orleans Saints

The Saints just carry on being the Saints.

8) Green Bay Packers

If Rodgers can stay healthy the whole season and they can patch up their O-line, they can beat anyone.

7) Dallas Cowboys

The Defence was the problem. With a healthy D and with Rod Marinelli in charge I think it makes a massive difference.

6) Denver Broncos

I can’t help but think they might drop a bit this year. They need to realise they can’t win it with a QB alone.

5) Philadelphia Eagles

A smart-looking team last season, becomes an elite this season. They need work on their Secondary.

4) New England Patriots

With an Off-season and a healthy team, I think Bill will work his magic and produce another Championship team.

3) San Francisco 49ers

Where as before I had no worries, the coming season I worry about the Offence. I worry about Kap making mistakes and I worry about Gore beginning to get up in age. Still a truly elite team however.

2) Kansas City Chiefs

But Dan you hated the Chiefs last year? Yup and a year on I think they are the AFC’s answer to the Seahawks. The Chiefs have few holes and I’m confident they can take a step forward rather than back.

1) Seattle Seahawks

They’re all young and proved that they don’t crack under pressure. Short of some serious injuries I think they could be on for a repeat.