The Gridiron Gentlemen’s Super Fun Prediction League: Week 13

Week 13. Unlucky for some. End of season for others as they see their dreams of a Play Off berth vanish in to thin air like a puff of smoke from a 1956 Ford Anglia.

Speaking of Play Off hopes, I’m not planning on keeping my January schedule clear. I fell even further behind the pack last week in an effort to pick a few games that might have closed ground on the rest. Duncan on the other hand closed the gap on James with a storming 14-2 week. Nice one Duncan!

As it stands, the scores on the proverbial doors are:

James: 102-61

Dave: 98-65

Duncan: 98-65

Dan: 95-68

Simon: 94-69

James is still holding that lead, but the pack are closing. Lets see who goes where with their picks this week:


Dallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings

One of the better match ups we’ve seen hit the Thursday Night slot this season. Could be a great game in the making.

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave
Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Vikings
21-17 20-17 23-17 17-7 20-17


Detroit Lions @ New Orleans Saints

The Saints defense may be good enough to slow Matt Stafford, but is anyone capable of slowing Drew Brees right now?

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave
Saints Saints Saints Saints Saints
42-21 33-24 31-20 35-28 31-17


Los Angeles Rams @ New England Patriots

Jeff Fisher’s game plan for this one could be an interesting watch, especially given he doesn’t appear to know who he’s playing this week!

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave
Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots
28-13 27-21 28-14 31-10 28-17


Denver Broncos @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Last week’s loss to the Chiefs will probably still be hurting the Broncos. The Jaguars probably just want the season over already.

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave
Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos
31-6 38-24 27-10 35-20 17-14


San Francisco 49ers @ Chicago Bears

The race for the Draft picks hots up this week as these two go toe to toe. Well, we have to make it sound exciting somehow!

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave
49ers 49ers Bears Bears 49ers
10-6 19-17 20-16 16-10 20-17


Houston Texans @ Green Bay Packers

The Packers won’t need to worry about a Quarterback shredding their paper thin secondary this week at least.

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave
Packers Packers Packers Packers Packers
31-21 35-24 30-13 31-17 17-14


Kansas City Chiefs @ Atlanta Falcons

Justin Houston. Tamba Hali. Dee Ford. Marcus Peters. We’re guessing Matt Ryan hasn’t slept much this week…

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave
Chiefs Falcons Chiefs Falcons Chiefs
28-27 23-20 24-21 27-14 20-17


Miami Dolphins @ Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens defense is more than capable of giving us “Bad Ryan” this week, especially if that Miami line is still on the treatment table.

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave
Ravens Dolphins Ravens Ravens Ravens
13-6 24-21 20-14 17-9 24-21


Philadelphia Eagles @ Cincinnati Bengals

One QB with receivers who can not catch, another with, well, no receivers. This one may not be pretty.

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave
Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles
24-18 27-19 21-10 21-7 21-14


Buffalo Bills @ Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders: Doing more for heart medication sales than anyone in the history of mankind!

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave
Raiders Raiders Raiders Raiders Bills
31-28 28-24 35-13 28-10 17-14


Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ San Diego Chargers

Will we get “Hot Tampa” or “Cold Tampa” this week? Either way, things are certainly moving in the right direction for the Bucs.

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave
Chargers Chargers Buccaneers Chargers Buccaneers
38-28 31-28 OT 24-21 37-27 24-21


New York Giants @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Great match ups across the field for this one. Could be the game of the week.

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave
Steelers Giants Giants Giants Steelers
28-24 27-24 27-21 21-17 24-17


Washington Redskins @ Arizona Cardinals

It’s fair to say the Arizona Cardinals have lost their mojo this year. This really is do or die time.

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave
Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins
35-28 27-17 28-21 24-10 21-14


Carolina Panthers @ Seattle Seahawks

With the possibility of Thomas and Bennett back this week, it might well be the bird terrorising the cat this week.

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave
Seahawks Panthers Seahawks Panthers Seahawks
31-21 27-24 24-17 27-17 20-17


Indianapolis Colts @ New York Jets

The Jets got flexed from prime time last week. They may wish they had been this week too. Expect Luck to have a field day.

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave
Colts Jets Colts Colts Colts
41-17 28-27 27-19 31-14 21-10


That’s Week 13 lain out before you. Whilst the games are most certainly correct, we’d advise having some salt handy for the scores!