The Gridiron Gentlemen’s Super Fun Prediction League: Week 2

Week 1 is in the books and with it comes the results of our 1st week of predictions…

James:12 – 4

Dave: 11 – 5

Simon: 10 – 6

Duncan: 10 – 6

Dan: 10 – 6

Dylan: 9 – 7

So Week 2… Can it live up to what we saw in week 1? Let’s take a look.  

New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills

This game is already in the books, but we all predicted the correct winner, but maybe we the underestimated the Bills offence/ overestimated the Jets secondary. That being said the result was somewhat flattering for the Bills, who went on to fire their offensive coordinator the next day. It could be a long year for Rex and the Bills.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Jets Jets Jets Jets Jets  
 34 – 3 31 – 7 24 – 13  23 – 7 22 – 16


San Francisco 49ers @ Carolina Panthers

Remember last year when the Niners surprised everyone by looking so good against the Vikings in the 1st game last year? Well this year they did the same against a poor looking Rams team. As good as the Niners looked last week, this is a totally different challenge.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers  
42 – 14 35 – 17 39 – 16 31 – 10  35 – 7


Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns

Week 1 is good for ironing out those ridiculous scenarios that materialize in the long empty NFL off season. One of my personal favourites was that the Cleveland Browns were anything other than the worst team in the NFL. Now they go up against a team that I may have actually been right about and could be much better than previously thought.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens  
32 – 17 21 – 14 42 – 13 35 – 7 19 – 16


Tennessee Titans @ Detroit Lions

Both teams in this matchup showed a few weaknesses in week 1, but no less than we expected. The Titans struggled with turnovers in the 2nd half against one of the best defences in the NFL. The Lions defence could do little to stop an in-form Andrew Luck, but managed to sneak a win thanks to the combo of Matt Stafford and Jim-Bob Cooter. This game could go a long way to help us figure out what these teams are.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Lions Lions Titans Lions Titans  
24 – 21 20 – 17 27 – 24 28 – 24 19 – 16


Kansas City Chiefs @ Houston Texans

A Wild Card rematch here, but with 2 very different looking teams from January. The Texans offence has gone from being slow and stagnant to fast and fun. The Chiefs struggled to get a pass rush going in the 1st half of last weeks game, but pulled off the best come back in franchise history in the 2nd. This should be a fun game.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Texans Texans Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs  
27 – 24 23 – 20 24 – 21 31 – 24 24 – 14


Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots

The Dolphins defence looked great last week against Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. The Patriots offence, despite having no Tom Brady or Rob Gronkowki, looked as good as ever against the Arizona Cardinals this week. Is there a chance Miami could pull off a surprise? Yes, but it’s pretty slim.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots  
28 – 10 27 – 10 34 – 13  38 – 0 17 – 14


New Orleans Saints @ New York Giants

This game last year got very silly, very quickly with both Eli Manning and Drew Brees putting up insane yardage and TDs. This year it should be slightly different, with the Giants investing a massive amount in the off season. The Saints however made very few changes…

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Giants Giants Saints Giants Giants  
42 – 22 35 – 28 31 – 28 24 – 17 31 – 24


Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Game of the week with 2 teams that absolutely hate each other. These 2 could be the best in the AFC and both are legitimate Superbowl contenders. If this even comes close to last year playoff game, “heated” would be an understatement.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Bengals Bengals Steelers Steelers Steelers  
35 – 31 39 -35 31 – 27 28 – 24 24 – 21


Dallas Cowboys @ Washington

The NFC East is something of a crap shoot again. Washington struggled against a Steelers team that showed up in a big way last week despite a lack of LeVeon Bell. Washington’s issues looked similar to last year. An inability to run and to stop the run. Dallas however… like to run.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Cowboys Cowboys Wash Cowboys Wash  
24 – 17 22 – 19 24 – 20 21 – 17 24 – 21  


Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Arizona Cardinals

Who’d have thought that this would be a coin flip game this time last year. The Bucs are in a good position this year, led by a Jameis Winston that seems to have hit his college form. The Cards, compared to last year look a little threadbare, particularly at corner. This could be another fun game.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Cards Cards Cards Bucs Cards  
28 – 24 23 – 20 28 – 27 27 – 20 24 – 21


Seattle Seahawks @ LA Rams

Generally this is the game that the Rams gameplan for more than any other. However after last week’s performance, I’m not so sure the world’s greatest gameplan could get them a win.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Rams Seahawks Seahawks Rams Seahawks  
16 – 10 15 – 9 20 – 6 5 – 3 21 – 7


Indianapolis Colts @ Denver Broncos

A Colts vs Broncos game without Peyton Manning will no doubt seem a little odd, but the prospect of Luck vs. that defence should be fun. Really this comes down to whether Trevor Siemian can take full advantage of one of the worst defences in the league an whether Luck can move the ball against the Broncos.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos  
24 – 21 24 – 17 31 – 14 24 – 21 24 – 14


Atlanta Falcons @ Oakland Raiders

Both defences seemed underwhelming last week seemed a little underwhelming, with offences that didn’t seem to have any problem moving the ball. This game could be pretty high scoring.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Raiders Raiders Raiders Raiders Raiders
31 – 28 28 – 21 32 – 26 42 – 30 27 – 21


Jacksonville Jaguars @ San Diego Chargers

Are the Jag who we thought they were? I guess we’ll find out in this one. The Chargers were flying last week until Keenan Allen went down injured. At which point the Chiefs promptly took control. Without Allen the Jags clearly have the superior offence, which leads us to question the defences, which both still have question marks about them. Fun game.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Jaguars Chargers Jaguars Jaguars Jaguars  
28 – 14 24 – 21 35 – 24 45 – 40 24 – 17


Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings

So what’s better? Aaron Rodgers, with next to no support or one of the best defences in the league. This is undoubtedly the match up of the week in terms of units. From this one we should find out exactly what these teams actually are.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Vikings Vikings Vikings Vikings Vikings
16 – 10 20 – 13  30 – 23 19 – 17 21 – 18


Philadelphia Eagles @ Chicago Bears

The Houston Texans proved to be a little rich for a rebuilding Chicago Bears last week, with speedy receivers and a swarming defence. Now the Bears go up against an up and coming Eagles team led by a rookie QB that seems to have come straight into the team with relative ease. Now can he lead his team against the Vic Fangio led Bears defence.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Bears Bears Eagles Eagles Bears
27 – 17 24 – 20 25 – 19 20 – 19 19 – 17


Week 2 looks fun. See you all on the pod!