The Tailgate Knight’s Mock NFL Road Trip 2015

Fancy hitting all 32 NFL teams, the game in London, and a few more in the 2015 schedule? Here’s a good road trip route.

Ever since my epic 37 NFL game road trip back in 2008 I have made a mock NFL road trip. When I did my trip, other than opening week, Thursday night games did not start until week 11, now they are played in 16 weeks. This makes things a lot easier for the NFL road tripper.

Coming up with the route

While there are probably lots of routes I always try to hit the Thursday nights. Although they often do not have the best atmosphere, you can get to see so many more games that week because of the time surrounding the mid week slot. I look through who plays Monday and Thursday nights and then I put in the Sunday games with teams that have neither of those days. It is tricky because some teams are on Thursday and Monday twice.

I try not to go back on myself. It’s difficult, but you want to group the West coast games together as much as possible.

The Broncos and the Seahawks are by far the hardest places to get to because there are so few teams near them. It would be wonderful if both these teams played on Thursdays, but neither do this season, which is a tad annoying. I have suggested to Roger Goodell for the sake of the NFL road tripper, that he has to put Seattle and Denver on Thursday nights…He clearly did not read my email!

While you want to look at the mouth watering matchups, it is important to do most of your driving in the first half of the season, when the weather is pretty good and hit the West Coast later on. Once the snow comes down, your driving patience will wilt pretty considerably. Plus once we get into week 11, the Sunday Night Flex schedule comes into play. This could be a huge problem if your 1pm Sunday game is say 700 miles from the Monday night game, and then that game gets bumped up to the night spot.

The good thing about the games on Thursday is that it gives you flexibility down the stretch. Plus with my schedule below you are free to pick any game in week 17, not only that, there are several Sundays where you can hit two games in one day! The perfect Sunday. This route takes in all 32 NFL teams, one London game and a few more games thrown in for good measure.


Adam’s 2015 Mock Road Trip

Week 1:

Thur: Packers at Patriots. You have to start with the champs. Drive 455 miles

Sun:   Colts at Bills. Drive 679 miles

Mon: Eagles at Falcons. Drive 800 miles


Week 2:

Thur: Broncos at Chiefs. Drive 1087 miles

Sun: Cardinals at Bears. Drive 208 miles

Sun night: Seahawks at Packers. You will miss the Tailgate, but you see 2 games in 1 day! Drive 393 miles

Mon: Jets at Colts. Drive 715 miles


Week 3:

Thur: Washington at Giants. Drive 1211 miles

Sun: Chargers at Vikings. Drive 280 miles

Mon: Chiefs at Packers. Drive 670 miles


Week 4:

Thur: Ravens at Steelers. Drive 1019 miles

Sun: Panthers at Buccaneers. Drive 945 miles


Week 5:

Thur: Colts at Texans. Drive 860 miles

Sun: Bills at Titans. Drive 534 miles


Week 6:

Thur: Falcons at Saints. Drive 2300 miles . There are no NFL games en route, so pick up a college game.


Week 7:

Thur: Seahawks at 49ers. Drive 508 miles

Sun: Raiders at Chargers. Drive 358

Mon: Ravens at Cardinals. Drive 1876


Week 8:

Leave the car at Cincinnati airport and fly to London

Sun: Lions at Chiefs (London). Fly to Cincinnati


Week 9:

Thur: Browns at Bengals. Drive 476 miles

Sun: Packers at Panthers. Drive 630 miles


Week 10:

Thur: Bills at Jets. Drive 192 miles

Sun: Jaguars at Ravens. Drive 1080


Week 11:

Thur: Titans at Jaguars. Drive 345 miles

Sun: Cowboys at Dolphins. Drive 1367


Week 12:

Thur: Panthers at Cowboys. Thanksgiving. Drive 887 miles

Sun: Patriots at Broncos. Currently scheduled for Sunday night. Drive 1284 miles


Week 13:

Thur: Packers t Lions. Drive 171 miles

Sun: Bengals at Browns. Drive 136 miles

Sun night: Colts at Steelers. Drive 240 miles

Mon: Cowboys at Washington. Drive 140 miles


Week 14:

Sun: Bills at Eagles. Drive 104 miles

Sun night: Seahawks at Ravens. Drive 841 miles


Week 15:

Thur: Buccaneers at Rams. Drive 635 miles

Sat night: Jets at Cowboys. Drive 1725 miles


Week 16:

Thur: Chargers at Raiders. Drive 804 miles

Sun: Rams at Seahawks.


Week 17:

Take your pick of games in Chicago, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Cleveland, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, New York (Giants), Green Bay, Carolina, Houston, San Francisco, Denver and Arizona.


Double Header Sundays

There are wonderfully five Sundays where you could potentially see two games in one day. Though for some games you may miss the all important tailgate:


Week 2:

1pm: Cardinals at Bears. Drive 208 miles

8:30pm: Seahawks at Packers


Week 3:

1pm: Raiders at Browns. Drive 171 miles

8:30 pm: Broncos at Lions.


Week 5:

1pm: Saints at Eagles. Drive 91 miles


1pm: Browns at Ravens. Drive 104 miles

8:30pm: 49ers at Giants


Week 13: (Note, Sunday night Flex schedule is in place from week 11)

1pm: Bengals at Browns. Drive 138 miles

8:30pm: Colts at Steelers.


Week 14:

1pm: at Bills at Eagles. Drive 104 miles


1pm: at Titans at Jets. Drive 192 miles

8:30pm: Seahawks at Ravens


Adam has travelled to see a live game at every NFL stadium. He is the author of Tailgate To Heaven and The Tailgate Knight Rises.

If any one is going on any NFL road trips this season give Adam a shout and he will be able to find you plenty of tailgaters. @TailgateKnight