The Tailgate Knight’s Week 13 NFL Spread Tips

As you are now aware, we have had a few technical issues and so our posts this week have been somewhat wayward. Here at last are the Tailgate Knight’s tips on playing the NFL Spread. Enjoy!


I went 8-7 in last week’s spread, the Bears won again and I won again at Fantasy football, so pretty good all round. My Dad won the weekly spread with a score of 11-4. He jumps up the leader board to second, just one score behind the leader. My Dad is now t 100-76, my best friend is just behind him in third at 98-78 and I am now at 11th with a score of 89-87.

In terms of my three tops last week I scored 2-1. My Bears beat the woeful Bucs 21-13 getting me a point. The Packers only just beat the Vikings 24-21, so I lost a point there. St. Louis, the giant killers only lost to San Diego by three points so all in all not too bad at 2-1.

Remember it is Thanksgiving weekend so there are three NFL games on the menu for Thursday night!

Week 13 Spread Lines

Bears at Lions -6.5

Eagles at Cowboys -3.5

Seahawks at 49ers -0.5

Saints at Steelers -3.5

Raiders at Rams -7.5

Browns at Bills -2.5

Giants at Jaguars +2.5

Chargers at Ravens -5.5

Titans Texans -6.5

Washington at Colts -9.5

Bengals at Bucs +3.5

Panthers at Vikings -2.5

Cardinals at Falcons +2.5

Patriots at Packers -3.5

Broncos at Chiefs +1.5

Dolphins at Jets +4.5

My picks for week 13

Eagles at +3.5 over the Cowboys

We all know that poor Tony Romo has a breakdown every December. Though his team are looking strong this year, but the Eagles know how to put up points, and I think they will win this game.

Colts at -9.5 over Washington

Washington are not going with Rgiii this weekend and who knows how they will fare. The Colts need a win to keep them gunning for the playoffs. I expect Luck to turn on the heat at home and put up big numbers…I hope so he is my starting qb in Fantasy.

Cardinals at -2.5 over the Falcons

I know that the Cardinals have played some weaker to teams, but their record of 9-2 is still immense. The Falcons have been pretty bad all season. I know the Cardinals do not blow teams up, but they are very much under the radar for the playoffs. They will win by at least a touchdown. You just can’t argue with their win record.

Agree/disagree of have any Spread tips or thoughts, let @tailgateknight know

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