TNF Football: Fantasy perspective

Hello again, I know it has been a while, sadly life sometimes gets in the way of football and fantasy football especially. This is no more apparent than my 1 – 5 record last week. So to kick things off I am going to have a quick look at fantasy options for the big Thursday night game, Dolphins @ Patriots.

In the latest Gents podcast, we all picked the Patriots to win,  after all they are playing at Foxborough and have won even whenteams manage to put points against them. So I would expect this rejuvenated (or reanimated) Dolphins team to score points. Jarvis Landry may well face heavy coverage from a rather good secondary but if so then Rishard Matthews could benefit. Matthews is still a bit under the fantasy radar and has generally scored well, not as well as Landry but well enough for a no.2 WR or flex spot.

Edelman and Amendola have looked tidy and I suspect will get used.

I mean let us face it Gronk is a mismatch everywhere so that is going to be interesting to see.  For some reason, even though in at least one league I have dropped him, this could be the Dolphins own faded star tight end Jordan Cameron could have one of those big scoring nights. To me it feels like it. I’m still not starting him (erm I don’t think I am in any case) but it would not surprise me. Only in the deepest of leagues would I consider starting Scott Chandler as he has not scored above 4 points since week 1 and that was because he was a goal line hit. If your league is a modified one where during game time you can sub players in and out (they do exist apparently) then Chandler could get you handy points (like 6 or 7) purely because if the Dolphins really give Brady trouble like the Steelers sort of did in week 1 then he is going to be a goal line target.

Dion Lewis of Patriots unknown but amazing fame, if playing is worth a start, I am not so sure of Blount. Lewis at the time of writing is appearing questionable. Lamar Miller is probably going to have a difficult game, I would be reluctant to sit him, but I do not envisage necessarily big points.

I have realised that this was one of the most pointless articles to write, both teams have players that are must starts regardless. I would start Reshad Jones of the Dolphins DB corp if you are playing IDP and probably give Cameron Wake of the Dolphins a shot as star defensive end of the evening. Chandler Jones of the Patriots as well is worth a shout me thinks.

Would I start either D tonight? In short, probably not. Maybe the Patriots in case Miller or Tannehill have fumble and interception problems but because generally the Patriots like scoring many points (seriously, since week 1 they have not scored less than 30 points per game), the Dolphins D is likely to be a bit of a fantasy liability. The Dolphins seem to be scoring again, so the Patriots will concede points and have not really been fantasy gold. I probably would hold off unless you are really desparate.

So thanks for reading, these were just my off the cuff quick look thoughts. Let us know what you think on Facebook or twitter.

Enjoy the game!

Toodle pip.