Unlucky for some? Fantastic week 13 opinions

It is week 13 and we are entering the final stages of the fantasy leagues season. Some of the leagues may have already been won but play off places remain up for grabs. If you are like me, this means even if you are in 7th you could still grab a play-off spot. The next two games are crucial. Which is why winning all three of my games last week put me in a right chipper mood. I really should not be so pleased at winning my match ups, but I am just a wee bit addicted. In the PPR league I am in this is crunch week for me, where the top 8 teams go into the fantasy post season and this week is the last of the regular season games. So here I will divulge some of my strategies and players to look out for or to start even.

So this post is a bit late for the Thursday games, I decided against starting Stafford and appeared justified with a sack and lost fumble. But then he started to show the form we have been expecting all season. Here are some other QBs if you are having doubts about your own starter.

Joe Flacco’s star has been rising again as has Big Ben. Eli is a bit of a risky bet but with the next game against the Jags and Odell Beckham making him look like the Elite quarterback he once was, Eli could be a good replacement and a good start. Big Ben is coming off a bye but did put record breaking performances down prior and with the Steelers confidence building and having Antonio Brown, La’Veon Bell and Heath Miller all chipping in, I think Big Ben could shine against the Steelers. I probably would not start the Steelers defense, just because the Saints do put points on the board, though on the other hand Brees has been throwing a lot of interceptions, nearly up to one per game. Anyway back to the QB question, you could try trading for Matt Ryan, he has not been bad and Kyle Orton or Brian Hoyer are also good viable options, Orton has been a bit hit and miss and this week could be a miss but he has been playing well and if Watkins and Woods have another good week, could get some points.

Celek and Ertz have both been pretty good for a few points at tight end, I think either could be worth a punt on Thursday (as long as this post is read in time). If not then actually Tim Wright of the Patriots has started to show some promise and maybe just maybe is worth a risk it for a biscuit at flex. Also Jared Cook is available in most leagues and seems to be getting back into the swing of things. Against the Raiders, this could be the game that sees him score big.

Who to pick at running back is definitely a bit of a headache. There have been many up coming stars in the last few weeks. Last week Andre Williams carried a fair amount of the Giants work load. This week the Giants face the Jaguars and though I expect Jennings to get the majority of early carries but the once the Giants were in the lead, Williams then took over the carries. It would not be surprising if something similar happened this week. On the other side, the Cowboys and Dunbar and Murray both managed to run well against the Giants. Though not quite in the same caliber, if Denard Robinson is available, why not take him and even start him. He has been a ray of light in the mess of the Jaguars jungle.

Still on running backs, I found Pierre Thomas available, back from injury. What a steal and though a tough match up against the Steelers, he could be just what you need. If he is available why not take him? In some ways he is another risk it for a biscuit and could be better at a flex position.

Latavius Murray had a blinding week 12 and is definitely worth a look in against the Rams. He shows a lot of promise and is available in 83% of leagues. Again maybe keep him on the bench but if you are desperate, lost faith in Brandin Oliver then maybe Latavius (what a great name) is a solution.

Robert Woods had a great week last week but has a tougher match up against Cleveland, but Sammy Watkins may distract Cleveland so there is a chance both Watkins and Woods will see some points.

So what about the rest of the Thursday match ups? Well I think Hauschka will get a few points with a number of field goals. Lance Dunbar is actually available in some leagues and again could get some carries to take the work load off DeMarco so again worth a start at flex. I am not starting Sproles though I may regret this, there will be much focus on McCoy and so Sproles could get some carries and I do envisage a touchdown. Anquan Boldin has been pretty good last few weeks, but both the 49ers and Seahawks are a tough matchup for receivers. Maybe a bit better for the running game. Saying that look for Seahawks tight ends Luke Wilson or Tony Moeaki with last weeks touchdown scorer Helfert was ruled out.

So some of the other matchups. Well Dan Herron has been picked up by many and I think could be hit or miss but he is the only other running back starting with Trent Richardson so maybe worth a start against Washington. If he plays, I think Kenny Britt is also worth starting or at least trying to get off the waiver wire. I am not certain if Cardinal’s Michael Floyd is worth a start but you never know this week could be a hit for him. The Browns have three receivers available, Hawkins could get points as the Bills try and close down Josh Gordon but at the same time it could be a tough week for Browns receivers. Oh and Markus Wheaton is also available in many leagues, I think could be a favourable matchup against the Saints.

I am starting Isaiah Crowell if you are interested, instead of Brandin Oliver. And I have picked up Pierre Thomas and probably going to start him. No point keeping Ahmed Bradshaw, his season is sadly over. I am also going to start for another week Malcom Floyd of the Chargers. Just because really.

Right that is me spent and wanting to focus on Thursday night games. If you have any questions, hit us up on Facebook and on twitter (@gridirongents).

Good luck this week and until the final week,

Toodle Pip!