Week 10 Power Rankings

It really is becoming obvious who’s going to win it all this week…oh wait maybe not.

32) Jacksonville Jaguars

This team is lacking some serious luck now that Blackmon is out for the season. Still like the Defence though

31) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

A reasonably good performance nearly had me moving them up. When they get a win, we’ll talk.

30) Minnesota Vikings

Much like a lot of the lower teams they found some form, but still they are yet to win in America

29) Atlanta Falcons

The decimation of this team has left Matt Ryan looking like a shell of himself. This team is very bad this season and will probably be moving on to next season already.

28) New York Giants

They had a bye week, but with a decent performance this week they could shoot up this list.

27) Pittsburgh Steelers

Just some dreadful play from Defence, this team is going nowhere this season.

26) Buffalo Bills

They always seem to put in decent performances, but struggle with the actual process of scoring. I would imagine the revolving door of QB’s thanks to injuries hasn’t helped. Great Defence though.

25) Oakland Raiders

I moved them down after not being able to do anything against Nick Foles. This team could be in free fall, but I am rooting for them to improve.

24) Baltimore Ravens

Super bowl Champs…in the bottom 3rd. A forgettable season so far for this team.

23) St Louis Rams

There are some signs of life here and we might see them get a few wins. However probably not enough to compete with the Seahawks and Niners.

22) Arizona Cardinals

I still really like this team, although a change at QB will be necessary for this team to grow.

21) Houston Texans

Disappointing season so far, but signs of improvement. Look for them to go on a bit of a streak and move up this list.

20) Washington

They seem to be getting better with every game. Morris is looking good and I would imagine RGIII might be his former-self by the end of the season. By then though it’s probably too late.

19) Cleveland Browns

If they keep going like this they could very well make the Playoffs and I will feel a little smug.

18) Tennessee Titans

Great Defence. On Offence Locker needs to tune in to whatever he was doing at the start of the season.

17) Miami Dolphins

I would imagine this team hits a free fall now, with O-line starters out now indefinitely.

16) Philadelphia Eagles

Very good chance that this team has found its form. If that’s the case, they could be contenders to the Cowboys for the NFC East.

15) New York Jets

Probably a little high on them, but a big win like that impresses me. Particularly impressed with the Defence.

14) San Diego Chargers

Keep finding ways to lose, or at least let the other team in. Still exceptionally dynamic however and will provide a challenge for the Broncos this week.

13) Cincinnati Bengals

They made some silly mistakes, well Dalton did. But they are still a very good side and in control of the AFC North.

12) Dallas Cowboys

Infuriatingly talented team that finds ways to lose.

11) Chicago Bears

With the Defence in the shape it’s in I would imagine they might plummet from the coming game against the Lions. Great Offence though and Bears fans will be happy they won the game at Lambeau.

9) Carolina Panthers

The hot team. They’ve really found their form and will be pushing to challenge for the Playoffs.

8) Detroit Lions

Loaded with talent and could be on the verge of taking control of the NFC North.

7) Green Bay Packers

Yup dropped them a fair bit. A lot of what they do is Aaron Rodgers and he is now out with no set date for return. When he comes back I will probably move them up.

7) Seattle Seahawks

Yup still not in the top 5. They seem to make games look really difficult and I honestly think the teams above them would make short work of this team.

6) Indianapolis Colts

Lucky (no pun intended), win against a good Texans side. Was really tempted to move them up after looking at some of the teams they’ve beaten (Niners, Seahawks, Broncos). But I need to see more.

5) Kansas City Chiefs

Still 5, despite a perfect record, there are definitely some holes in this team and the post bye week Broncos game will be huge.

4) New Orleans Saints

Could move them down further if they keep being so bad at stopping the run, but I think they come back swinging after an a bad loss last week.

3) New England Patriots

If Tom can keep this up every week I feel confident they can win the Super bowl. Still a lot of players to come back from injury that will make this team even better.

2) Denver Broncos

Yup they had a bye week, but the other teams around did pretty badly so they moved up by default. I do think they could drop a bit however and the Chargers game is a potential banana skin.

1) San Francisco 49ers

Yup they don’t play and they take the top spot, which says an awful lot about the nature of the results this week. What clinched it for me was the return of Manningham and Wright to the team and the return of Crabtree to practice. This team could end up healthier than they started, which is a scary prospect.

Sorry this was a little late, but a healthy amount of podcasting got in the way. See you soon!