Week 12 Fantasy look in

I appreciate it has been a while since the Gents have focused on Fantasy, the Gents teams have generally not fared too well and as the resident “expert”, I have actually had a rubbish run since my last post. In non-Gent leagues, one of my teams has dropped from 1st to 6th with a 5 week losing streak. We have seen lots of season injuries over the last few weeks so here I will consider some waiver wire pick ups and maybe a few starters and players to bench.

The Baltimore Ravens are looking pretty banged up and now the offence is led by Matt Schaub, Kamar Aiken and Davorius Allen. I do not necessarily think you should be picking up Schaub, there are enough back up QBs out there, and Aiken could be limited in value with Schaub starting under center (he looked good with Flacco and not too shoddy when Schaub stepped in) but Allen I think is a good prospect to fill Forsett’s shoes. I cannot really use any statistical analysis so basing this on a few games and observations fantasy wise.

Ahmad Bradshaw of the Colts could be an interesting addition as a flex RB with Hasselbeck starting, as in previous games Bradshaw has seen his fair share of targets, especially in the end zone.

When looking at waiver wires, the prospects are pretty bleak generally and I think most of the pickups have been made.

Jordan Reed has often been picked up off the waiver wire across leagues earlier on in the season and I think makes a good prospect tonight at the flex position or as a starting tight end if no other options are available.

I think Travis Kelce as a starting TE is a risky option but I do not really see much choice if you do not have an appropriate back up as at time of writing he is a questionable. Crockett Gillmore of the Ravens is probably the best available, though the Chargers do still seem to be using Ladarius Green. I am starting Kelce as I do not really have another option.

Antonio Andrews of the Titans has been getting quite a few carries over the last few weeks and with McCluster inactive I think we’ll see Andrews continue to get a fair share of carries. It is just I think the Raiders are quite good at stopping the run so his impact may be limited. I am stuck though because the Bengals are up against a stingy Rams team and Gore is up against a stingy Bucs team and we have already had three games so really I am looking to gamble who to start as a no.2 RB. Against all of the other NFC South teams, Gore has not scored above 10 points, and the Bucs are on fire, stopping the Eagles run game last week. As I said earlier, I think Bradshaw may be relied upon more than Gore. So Andrews is a goodish prospect.

On wide receiver Malcolm Floyd of the Chargers is active and may get a few snaps as the Chargers try and rediscover their pass game and the endzone.

The Patriots are pretty beat up, we know this, with Danny Amendola out as well for Sunday. But there is a chance that Brandon LaFell could step up and get targets along with James White and at least create some distraction from Gronk. I think both of these are starts if you are suffering from injuries.

And finally as game day approaches, Kansas City Chiefs new star Spencer Ware is apparently available in 85% of leagues, though not in any of the leagues I am involved in. Again if your line up is looking quite beaten up, I think Ware is a good addition and even a starter for this week.


Ok so this is a bit brief, sadly life got in the way for last few days. I will try and get on with more detailed suggestions for next week.

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