Week 12 Picks

We should be better at this…


This week Duncan shoots into the lead after some ridiculously poor predictions.


Duncan: 5

Dan: 4

Jon: 3

Charlie: 2

Anyway lets close our eyes and point to a team…

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons

Lets go back one year. This would have been a ridiculously one-sided game. This game is still one-sided but the teams have swapped places.

Dan: Saints Win

Duncan: Saints Win

Jon: Saints Win

Charlie: Saints Win

New York Jets @ Baltimore Ravens

Good Geno? Bad Flacco?

Dan: Ravens Win

Duncan: Jets Win

Jon: Ravens Win

Charlie: Ravens Win

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland Browns

Pittsburgh have built up some momentum. Cleveland…haven’t

Dan: Steelers Win

Duncan: Browns Win

Jon: Steelers Win

Charlie: Steelers Win

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Detroit Lions

Tampa have hit some form, even despite everyone on the team apparently hating their Head Coach. The Lions have flown a little to close to success and are now determined to lose a few to keep them in the running, not to make the Play Offs.

Dan: Bucs Win

Duncan: Lions Win

Jon: Lions Win

Charlie: Lions Win

Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers

One team rocked by a huge injury to their QB. Yes Ponder could very well be out.

Dan: Packers Win

Duncan: Packers Win

Jon: Vikings Win

Charlie: Packers Win

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans

The Jags short win streak came to an end last week which really ended their play off hopes. The Texans seem desperate to lose games by taking Keenum out and putting Schaub in.

Dan: Texans Win

Duncan: Texans Win

Jon: Jaguars Win

Charlie: Texans Win

San Diego Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs

Rivers could have a return to last season’s form in this one and throw at least 3 picks. The Chiefs had a bump back down to earth with a hard loss against the Broncos.

Dan: Chiefs Win

Duncan: Chiefs Win

Jon: Chiefs Win

Charlie: Chargers Win

Carolina Panthers @ Miami Dolphins

The Panthers are on a fairly epic hot streak, largely in part thanks to some questionable refereeing decisions. The Dolphins have managed to stay in the Play Off running by keeping under the radar and out of the press.

Dan: Panthers Win

Duncan: Panthers Win

Jon: Panthers Win

Charlie: Panthers Win

Chicago Bears @ St Louis Rams

The battle of the Long brothers in this one. Zac Stacey might actually break the single season rushing record in one game here.

Dan: Bears Win

Duncan: Bears Win

Jon: Bears Win

Charlie: Bears Win

Indianapolis Colts @ Arizona Cardinals

The Indianapolis Luck go up against the stealth Play Off  challengers. Seriously…they’re Ninjas.

Dan: Colts Win

Duncan: Colts Win

Jon: Colts Win

Charlie: Colts Win

Tennessee Titans @ Oakland Raiders

McGloin has a genuine chance of being the Raiders starter and could be the underdog story of the season. The Titans however have a great Defence and could take some wind out of the Raiders sails.

Dan: Raiders Win

Duncan: Titans Win

Jon: Raiders Win

Charlie: Raiders Win

Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants

The Cowboys have found it hard over the last few weeks with the Eagles taking the no. 1 position in the division. The Giants seem to have a found a way to kick themselves to victory.

Dan: Cowboys Win

Duncan: Giants Win

Jon: Cowboys Win

Charlie: Cowboys Win

Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots

The battle of 2 of the greatest QB’s of all time…Just a shame Mannings injured and Brady seems to be struggling a little. Should be good game regardless.

Dan: Broncos Win

Duncan: Broncos Win

Jon: Patriots Win

Charlie: Broncos Win

San Francisco 49ers @ Washington

The Niners Defence are brutal and scary. RGIII tends to spend a lot of time looking scared. Ouch.

Dan: Niners Win

Duncan: Niners Win

Jon: Niners Win

Charlie: Niners Win

With these picks we’re 3 quarters of the way through the season… Maybe we’ll get better at it next year.