Week 12 Power Rankings

A big shake up in this weeks Power Rankings as some of the top teams played each other, meaning we got a better idea of where teams should be. No change at the bottom though.

32) Jacksonville Jaguars

I want to move them off the bottom. But I need to see them prove that they’ve improved.

31) Atlanta Falcons

The free fall has got them this far and before long it might take them one spot further.

30) Minnesota Vikings

QB problems are still an issue for this team. They just can’t get any consistency going.

29) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Moving up the power rankings with not just big wins, but great performances in the process.

28) Washington Redskins

Could be rapidly moving down this list if it wasn’t for very occasional bursts of magic from RGIII

27) Cleveland Browns

Insanely good Defence, pedestrian Offence. I had huge hopes for this team and they don’t seem to have lived up to the hype.

26) New York Jets

The last game could have been the momentum shifter and we could see them drop further.

25) Oakland Raiders

McGloin gave them a fighting chance, but the Defence still needs work.

24) Houston Texans

If they put Schaub in, I move this team down. I just don’t trust him.

23) Buffalo Bills

They finally have a pretty complete Offence and the Defence continues to play violent.

22) St Louis Rams

Bye week this week, but looking much improved.

21) Tennessee Titans

Fitzpatrick doing a decent job, Chris Johnson’s hit his stride and the Defence continues to impress.

20) Pittsburgh Steelers

Big Ben finally hitting his targets and running a very successful Offence.

19) Miami Dolphins

Great game last week, but how long can it last?

18) Green Bay Packers

Plummeting down this list without Rodgers. They could have now lost the play off spot,

17) New York Giants

Much improved Giants team and they’ve hit some form. If they keep this up, they move up the list.

16) Baltimore Ravens

I cannot make my mind up about this team, if they improve they move up. If not, they move much further down.

15) Arizona Cardinals

The Cards have the same record as the Niners and are knocking on the doors of the play offs. Defence looks great and there is a chance that Palmer might have got over his love of throwing Interceptions.

14) San Diego Chargers

Losing a little steam and Rivers is beginning to look like he did last season. But still a dangerous team in here.

13) Dallas Cowboys

Major problems on Defence that could see them plummet down this list. To be honest they probably already should have.

12) Cincinnati Bengals

Great Defence, just generally let down by silly mistakes made by Dalton.

11) Chicago Bears

So many injuries, but they are still contenders for the play offs, thanks to an unpredictable NFC North, could fall down the list at any time.

10) Detroit Lions

Seem desperate to not win the NFC North, despite having ridiculous weapons. Silly mistakes could see them lose a play off spot to a beaten up Bears side.

9) San Francisco 49ers

Kaepernick is not playing at the level we were expecting. The Defence are up there as the best in the league category, which should take them past the bad teams.

8) Indianapolis Colts

High on this list despite some inconsistencies, simply because of the teams they’ve beaten. They need to improve 0n Defence and maybe ride Donald Brown for a bit if Trent Richardson keeps playing like he’s been playing.

7) New England Patriots

I still think Brady comes good and I think it’s against the Broncos this week. The Defence is beat up, but if Brady finds his form they could keep them in the game long enough to win a shoot out.

6) Kansas City Chiefs

The Broncos exposed some glaring holes on this team. Still think they make the play offs, but I still think they’re not Super Bowl contenders.

5) Philadelphia Eagles

One of the ‘hot’, teams who can’t seem to put a foot wrong. Foles is on fire and their Defence is probably the most underrated unit in the game. Fully deserve to be high on this list as they take control of the NFC East.

4) Carolina Panthers

The second ‘hot’ team, who are on a ridiculous win streak. This team currently look unbeatable and I have bet against them pretty much every week. But here they are in the top 5 and to be honest they could be higher.

3) New Orleans Saints

I think you can rotate 2 and 3. I think the Saints have a tendency to lose the games where they’re playing badly…

2) Seattle Seahawks

Where as the Seahawks tend to win them. Defence looking as good as we’d come to expect. I still think someone takes them down in the Play offs, but the list of teams capable of doing that is getting shorter.

1) Denver Broncos

They beat the undefeated team and looked good doing so. They matched them on Defence and out-matched them on Offence. Another tough game against the Pats this week, which in my eyes is a potential banana skin, but they seem to have hit they’re form and are definite Superbowl Contenders.


So that’s the Power Rankings this week, you can hit me up on Twitter, Facebook or Email. Or if you really disagree, just leave a flaming bag of feces on my doorstep.