Week 14: Power Rankings

It’s becoming obvious who are the good teams and who are the Jets.


32) New York Jets

Congratulations to the team that actually looked like they could do something then let the season explode. Also it looks like Geno might be out of a job.

31) Washington Redskins

It almost seems like its a forgotten season for Washington, well I would imagine they would very much like to forget about it.

30) Cleveland Browns

The Browns were my play off surprise team bet. It turns out they were just the Browns.

29)Houston Texans

Dreadful season for the Texans, despite some incredible talent. Expect big changes with this team in the Off-Season

28) Atlanta Falcons

They got a win! They have however already been eliminated.

27) Jacksonville Jaguars

They are on a run and as a result have moved well up these rankings.

26) Buffalo Bills

Spiller and a talented Defence are a great start to what could be a very good team in the future.

25) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Good run ended by a great team. They’ve probably done enough for Schiano to keep his job.

24) Minnesota Vikings

Probably should have them a little lower, but a win against the Bears has them up higher in the league.

23) Oakland Raiders

I still don’t dislike this team, but I do think they’re a season away.

22) Green Bay Packers

So its come to this. They are below the Giants.

21) New York Giants

That being said the Giants have improved massively.

20) Chicago Bears

Should be lower and will probably be by the end of the season

19) St Louis Rams

Despite injuries they’ve still managed to improve this season. A change at QB should could do the world of good for this team.

18) Tennessee Titans

Should probably be lower, but I do still really like the Defence. That being said they will probably move down.

17) Pittsburgh Steelers

I decent run for this team has seen them shoot up the power rankings. If they keep it up they could push for the play offs.

16) Baltimore Ravens

Kinda similar to the Steelers. Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones really pulling this Offence along.

15) San Diego Chargers

Up and down team, but when they’re good, they’re very good.

14) Miami Dolphins

In the driving seat for a wild card spot and they’ve hit a run of form. Mike Wallace is finally looking like the Receiver we were promised.

13) Arizona Cardinals

Would be leading pretty much any other Division.

12) Indianapolis Colts

This team could destroy their own season if they keep playing like they have.

11) Detroit Lions

The best team in the NFC North. Still not that great.

10) Dallas Cowboys

Hugely explosive Offence and with a better Defence they would be challenging for the super bowl.

9) Cincinnati Bengals

Every piece of this team makes them Superbowl contenders…oh except for the QB.

8) Kansas City Chiefs

Despite a run of bad form, they have seemed to actually be playing better. Very encouraging for the Chiefs.

7) New Orleans Saints

I feel like they might be about a year away from being true Superbowl contenders, however they have done very well this season.

6) San Francisco 49ers

They could move up the Power Rankings if Kaepernick continues to improve. A win against the Seahawks would also see them move up.

5) Philadelphia Eagles

They look unbeatable. But Superbowl Champs might be a couple of seasons away.

4) New England Patriots

They win games narrowly, but the important thing is they win them. I still have them for the Superbowl.

3) Carolina Panthers

I love this team and they look like they could beat anyone at the moment.

2) Denver Broncos

This team is ridiculously talented, but the Peyton play off fear has to be a worry.

1) Seattle Seahawks

Easily the most impressive looking team in the league. I do however think they might stumble in the Playoffs. That being said with a home field advantage and the impressive form they have hit they could very well be Superbowl contenders and prove me very wrong.


And that’s it. It gets easier every week, but feel free to shout at me.