Week 3 Power Rankings

It’s time to make a bold statement with my power rankings. Bad teams have played well. Good teams have played bad. Time to adjust accordingly and give some teams some well deserved credit as well as a wakeup call for some of the bad ones. Let’s start with a team close to my heart.


32) Chicago Bears: I don’t know how many times I’ve written the words ‘work in progress’, but that’s really what this team is. The opening to this season is ridiculous with games against Green Bay, Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks, but that doesn’t make up for the obvious holes that are on the team. Bears fans it’s time to accept that this year isn’t our year. But who knows, maybe in the future.

31) Houston Texans: The defence is pretty good. The Offence is woeful. They have a revolving door QB system, between 2 bad QBs, as well as a serious lack of a run game without Foster. They could get better, there is talent on this team, but Houston is desperate for some line help and a new QB.

30) New Orleans Saints: The Saints are a bad team. The plan was to run the ball more, which only works when teams keep the score low. The Saints defence is terrible so they are constantly coming from behind, relying on Drew Brees throwing to… well nobody. The Saints are set up to lose.

29) Philadelphia Eagles: I have no idea what to do with this team. They’ve been awful and right now I have to believe that every team above them could beat them. But despite one of the worst offensive performances I have ever seen. I have to think they’ll get better. These pieces aren’t that bad. It just might involve a little scheme change.

28) New York Giants: This team could be 2-0 if not for some stupid mistakes. It feels like this happens a lot to the Giants and eventually they weather the storm. Right now though…they’re here.

27) Oakland Raiders: The Raiders looked pretty good with Amari Cooper looking like a stud and Crabtree finally looking like a decent threat. But we’ve seen one game. Before I move them up I’ve got to see them do this regularly.

26) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The defence this week looked the best I’ve seen it in a very long time. It just feels like this was a standout performance and I question whether they can do this regularly.

25) Washington: I’m quietly confident that this team might actually be quite good. With the Giants chucking away results, the Eagles looking like everyone has their number and the Cowboys missing Romo and Bryant. This could be the best team in the division

24) Jacksonville Jaguars: I got off the Jags bandwagon a little too soon. Bortles looked great this week leading his offence against a powerful Dolphins defence. The Dolphins couldn’t get any pressure against the Jags offensive line. This team could be great, but you know… not on the band wagon.

23) Dallas Cowboys: This is a heavily beaten up Cowboys team. But there is still some definite talent here. The defence looks like it finally has some decent talent to indulge in Rod Marinelli’s defensive whims. The offence is a problem however. I got to think they could beat any team below them, but would struggle against any above.

22) Tennessee Titans: Okay so they struggled this week when Mariota realised he was surrounded by the Tennessee Titans. In all seriousness though this team took a step back to roughly where they belong. This team could still win the AFC South, but you got to think they’re set for an 8-8 season.

21) Cleveland Browns: Speaking of 8-8… The Browns looked far better this week. Manziel looked like a safer bet this week and the line held. The Browns on defence put a great deal of pressure on the Titans, which is encouraging. But they look like they’re just good enough to screw them out of a decent draft pick.

20) San Francisco 49ers: This team looked poor this week, but they were up against a Steelers team in top form. So I think they’re probably better than they showed this week, but not as good as the 1st week.

19) St Louis Rams: Another up and down team destined for a mediocre record. The 1st game they did a great job of game planning against a team they know very well. However against Washington they got behind and could recover. This team has an exceptional defence but will need to stay ahead I games if they are to win.

18) Detroit Lions: There is an immense amount of talent on this team. But Stafford just can’t seem to take advantage of it. The defence struggled this week without Ngata, which is a concern, but in general they should be okay. My concern is that this offence just doesn’t seem to work.

17) Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins have so much talent, but it’s just not coming together. Tannehill is struggling against teams that seem to have his number and the run game is stalling. On defence they have serious issues, with a virtually non-existent pass rush. Yes Wake’s been injured, but all that’s done is expose a lack of depth on a team that has a lot of money tied up in a few players.

16) Buffalo Bills: They deserve to be higher, but an epic Patriots beat down has me a little skittish. The defence is really good but has definite holes. Tyrod Taylor will carve up bad teams but struggle against good. I do think they’re better than mediocre, but they might struggle to make the playoffs.

15) Baltimore Ravens: The offence finally got rolling in this week’s game against the Raiders, but without Suggs the defence stuttered. Blaming the Ravens issues on Terrell Suggs is a little unfair though. The secondary looked distinctly beatable in this game, with Cooper and Crabtree running them ragged. I think this team does come good but right now this is not a team I trust.

14) Indianapolis Colts: No idea what to do with this team. I don’t want to overreact to a team that has struggled against 2 amazing defences. That being said they are a mess. a combination of game-planning, a woeful offensive line, some uncharacteristic fumbles and a QB who appears to have hit a slump has a lot of people asking some serious questions about this team. Personally I think they have a winning season, simply down to the division there in, but I’d think now might be the time for a coaching and GM change… maybe a certain ex- Stanford Head Coach.

13) Carolina Panthers: This team are an ugly 2-0, but there is no denying that they’ve deserved the results. It feels like the stars are aligning for this team, going up against a weak AFC South, an NFC East in disarray and its own division, which is looking weak as ever. The Panthers will be in a sprint to the finish line with the Atlanta Falcons.

12) Denver Broncos: There are few players in the league as contentious as the Broncos QB, Peyton Manning. The over-whelming consensus to me is that Manning can’t be benched, but is a husk of his former self and simply can’t run Kubiak’s system, so just hand him the keys of the offence and hope that the league’s best defence can keep the score low.

11) San Diego Chargers: I have no idea what Mike McCoy is saying at the half time break, but this team are always so much better in the 2nd half. This team feel like sleeping giants with a lot pieces slowly waking up. Could be good for a big play off push at the end of the season.

10) New York Jets: I’m not sure they are a top 10 team, but they’ve definitely put in 2 top 10 performances. The Jets defence looks remarkably similar to the Cards defence that Bowles mastered last year, using tons of defensive backs and relying on a heavy front 3 to get pressure. The offence is playing great too. Fitzpatrick being reunited with Chan Gailey seems to have been great for his career. Still I can’t help but feel the bottom might fall out for this team at some point, but right now it’s nothing more than a hunch.

9) Atlanta Falcons: I love this team. Quinn has turned the Falcons defence into a unit to be scared off. On offence though Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are lining up for a career season. This team will almost certainly make the playoffs and at that point, there’s no reason they couldn’t be dangerous.

8) Minnesota Vikings: Another team I love! This week they answered every question set in week 1, combining both Bridgewater and Peterson’s ideal systems to create an effective offence. The defence has stepped up too, the unit that is loaded with talent look as good as we thought they would. This team finally look like the team we were promised.

7) Seattle Seahawks: There is no way this team are this low next week, but simply ranking them on what I’ve seen, I have to move them down. The defence is a big issue. Without Kam Chancellor they just seem to be a little all over the place. Now he’s back they should improve. However… there are issues on offence. Marshawn Lynch is being consistently stuffed at the line; this creates massive problems for Russell Wilson who is now under a lot of pressure to move the ball. This team will get better, but they still might not be the same team as last year.

6) Kansas City Chiefs: I didn’t overly punish the Chiefs for an unlucky result against an insanely good Broncos defence. Jamaal Charles will now rather unfairly be labelled a ‘fumbler’, but it does mean we should see him address the issue, much like Adrian Peterson did a few years ago. This team is still incredibly talented and I don’t think we can judge them on the Broncos game last Thursday.

5) Pittsburgh Steelers: The Broncos offence is probably already the most explosive in the league and they’ve still got LeVeon Bell, Martavus Bryant and Maurkice Pouncey to come back. The defence seems to have learnt from the mistakes of the Patriots game, which means we should see a team that can win in a shootout with pretty much any team.

4) Arizona Cardinals: The Cards seem to be in a great position at the moment and despite losses to the defence and at coordinator, this team looks more complete than ever. If they can stay healthy, which was huge last year, this team could be a potential Super bowl challenger.

3) Cincinnati Bengals: Already been criticised of my current love of the Bengals success in the face of constant play off disappointment. Yes, this team is woeful in the playoffs and yes, we’ve seen Dalton put in some woeful performances, but right now this team is easily one of the best in the league. If I was to forget everything I’ve seen before these last 2 years, then this would be the 3rd best team in the league. Right now they would beat every team below them on this list. I wanted to judge teams on what I’ve seen, not pre-season hype.

2) New England Patriots: They could be number 1. This team is destroying its opponents. It feels like the Patriots are being fuelled by revenge and despite holes on this team, they seem set to have a very good record that will lead them back to the Super bowl… at the moment. If Brady can keep up his current level of performance, teams will seriously struggle to beat them.

1) Green Bay Packers: I don’t really know what to say. They’re the best team in the league on the back of the best QB in the league. The Seahawks are lacking pieces, but still dangerous, yet with no number 1 running back or wide receiver they still performed. This team will be excellent for as long as Rodgers is on his feet.

Easily the hardest power rankings I’ve ever had to do, so I’d love to know what you think, so hit me up here