Week 6: Best Bets

We got a tie last week!!! The way it's gone that feels like a win. Zero wins, eight losses and one fantastic tie over the past three weeks. We're improving.

The lawyers have been in touch and told me I can't continue to use the name best bets for this article each week with my current performance. I'm ignoring them though. 

If there's one other person who's influenced me in that way of thinking, someone who's a maverick, who does that to the system, it's lan Botham.

First pick of the week...

Patriots -8.5 vs Bengals

At first glance this seems like a big line. 8.5 is a lot to give up to the Bengals. This isn't the same Bengals team though. They have really struggled and have been comprehensively beaten in their losses.

This is Brady's homecoming game and I expect more of what we saw last week. This offence is unstoppable with Gronk and Bennett.

I'm not sure how high this line would need to be for me to take the Bengals. 8.5 certainly isn't it.

Seahawks -6 vs Falcons

The Falcons may well be the hottest team in the NFL. The offence has been fantastic and they come into this game on the back of a big win against the Broncos.

I just think the Seahawks match up well in this one. The linebackers will be able to cope with Tevin Coleman catching out of the backfield better than Denver did and can shut down a big part of why the Falcons have been successful.

Russell Wilson is getting healthy and can pick apart this weak Falcons defence. A comfortable win for the Seahawks.

Browns +7 at Titans

Once again I'm picking the Browns and maybe that's why things have been going so badly. I just like what this team does. They play hard. They've got a really good run game and Terrell Pryor has been great.

The Titans just aren't very good. They should not be giving up seven to anybody. I'm taking the Browns to get off the mark this week and get an outright win.

See you next week when I'm 0-11-1